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Top preventative security controls blog: a woman sits at a desk at analyzes current security set up

Top 5 Preventative Security Controls to Implement Today 

By Quisitive | January 5, 2024

Explore five essential priorities for security teams to reduce risk and fortify their organization’s security posture.

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Must-Have Tools to Fortify Your Security Event Feature Image - 2 people stand on the steps of a government building

On-Demand: 4 Must-Have Tools to Fortify Your Agencys Security

By Quisitive | January 5, 2024

This on-demand webinar is specifically tailored for professionals like you, working tirelessly to fortify security infrastructure in the public sector.

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Preview image of the infographic, Your Ideal Security Patch Management Approach

Infographic: Your Ideal Patch Management Approach

By Quisitive | December 17, 2023

Security patch management is a critical process to maintain and harden the security of your environment. Find the right approach for you.

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CFSA Case Study Feature Image - logo

Quisitive helps CFSA Launch Kinship Navigator Platform

By Quisitive | December 7, 2023

Learn how Quisitive helped CFSA launch Kinship Navigator Platform to improve public access to financial aid and keep families together.

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Greene Tweed Develops and Deploys Smart Factory with Quisitive

By Quisitive | August 12, 2023

Watch the video to learn more about how Quisitive helped Greene Tween build their Smart Factory and improve safety efficiency, and productivity in their factories.

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Greene Tweed Modern Data Platform Case Study Feature Image

Quisitive Builds Modern Data Platform for Greene Tweed

By Quisitive | August 12, 2023

Case Study

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Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

By Quisitive | May 9, 2023

Learn how Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation has been able to improve productivity, ensure the accuracy and accessibility of financial insights, and increase the understanding of cost drivers for better decision-making with Business Central and custom apps developed by Quisitive.

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Custom Apps vs Power Apps Infographic - Preview Image

Is a Custom App Dev or a Low-Code Solution Right For You?

By Quisitive | April 10, 2023

Discover which approach is right for you with this infographic.

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On-Demand: Making the Most of Your Security Investment

By Quisitive | March 31, 2023

Learn 5 to-do’s to consolidate and optimize your environment so you can Make the Most of Your Security Investment.

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Discover 5 Reasons to Migrate SQL Servers to Azure

By Quisitive | March 7, 2023

Get the stats. Find out why many organizations have made the decision to migrate Windows and SQL servers to Azure.

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