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The workplace has changed a lot in recent years. Employees expect seamless remote working, a positive work/life balance, and meaningful collaboration whether online or in-person.

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What is Microsoft Viva? It’s a dedicated employee experience platform integrated into Microsoft Teams.

MS Viva brings together the AI, applications, and analytics you need to create a modern workplace — one that is connected, collaborative, and focused on the well-being and productivity of employees.

Quisitive can implement Microsoft Viva and create a change management strategy focused on boosting user adoption and productivity. Our Viva Workshops help to drive the change you need to unlock the potential of happy, productive employees.

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Benefits of Microsoft Viva

Each employee is an individual requiring a personalized approach to well-being. Catering for everyone’s needs is a big challenge for any business. Microsoft Viva uses data and insights from Microsoft 365 to personalize engagement.


An increasingly dispersed workforce does not have to dampen productivity. With the right tools and a platform that proactively brings people together, wherever they are logged in from, you can create meaningful collaboration experiences.


MS Viva provides insights into employee behavior, productivity, and engagement. This empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions, optimize workflows, and enhance the overall employee experience.

A team of developers sits in a conference room on a group video call. On the other line is their counterpart team in a different time zone. This represents the round-the-clock value provided by cloud services providers that leverage blended teams.
Why Quisitive

Our Viva Workshops are designed to help us learn how Microsoft Viva can help you.

We’ll assess your specific needs and use cases, and then create a change management strategy aligned with your business goals and company culture.

Our implementation guidance will help you set up a culture and working environment where your people are at their best.

Partner with Microsoft collaboration experts
Prioritize employee well-being and experience
Benefit from an adoption and change management approach
Reimagine the workplace on your own terms
Explore the full suite of products offered by Microsoft Viva
Viva Connections

Engaged employees.


Create a unified employee experience that drives engagement. A personalized gateway for company resources, news, and chat with Viva Connections.

Viva Insights

Happy and productive.


Viva Insights offers actionable insights and analytics to help everyone manage work-life balance, foster healthy habits, and promote employee well-being.

Viva Learning

A culture of development.


Bring your learning management systems together with Viva Learning. Employees can access training materials, courses, and other resources in one place.

Viva Topics

Where knowledge is shared.


Viva Topics uses AI to organize your knowledge base, aggregating data from across the business. This makes it easy to access information, promoting collaboration and streamlined workflows.

Viva Connections

Remote yet together.


Built to support remote work, Viva helps employees stay connected regardless of their location. Viva Connections provides a channel for seamless communication and collaboration.

Viva Engage

Connection and empowerment.


Give your employees a place to connect and form relationships with one another through announcements, virtual events, and more.

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