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Our Story

Quisitive is on a mission to generate transformational impact with immense value for customers through our cloud solutions and payments solutions as a premier, global Microsoft partner. Here's our story and the elements that shape our success.

Business person
Business people
Holistic innovation

Mike Reinhart, our founder and CEO, has been immersed in technology since he began his career over 30 years ago. Over this time he has witnessed an evolution in how organizations applied technology to meet their challenges.

When Microsoft entered the public cloud space, he knew that a shift was required in terms of what the typical technology consultancy looked like. He recognized that organizations were facing vendor fatigue. They were tired of dealing with point solution providers that would address one piece of a business function, but left them to stitch disparate technologies together on their own.

Decades of expertise
Entrepreneurial vision
A new kind of partner

Mike knew that organizations needed a new kind of partner. One that could understand how to use technology to drive business outcomes. One that could support the enterprise across all business functions, not just IT –– from accounting to sales to marketing and beyond.


Mike’s vision resulted in Quisitive, which he founded in 2016. Mike knew that a public listing would accelerate the company’s ability to gain awareness and access the capital needed, to not only drive this mission through organic growth but also to support strategic mergers and acquisitions.

Quisitive founded
Focus on Microsoft partnership
Named Microsoft United States Partner of the Year
Named Microsoft Healthcare Partner of the Year
TSX public listing
Strategic growth

Built on a foundation of helping organizations drive cloud innovation and implement business solutions, Quisitive has quickly grown and evolved. 


In addition to organic growth, we’ve strategically acquired companies, led by respected industry leaders that introduced new capabilities to our portfolio and strengthened those we already had. As one cohesive and strong Quisitive brand, we will continue to build upon, extend and enhance Mike’s core vision.

Organic/regional growth
Menlo Technologies acquired
CRGroup acquired
Mazik Global acquired
BankCard USA acquired
Catapult Systems acquired
Combining imagination and initiative

When our team saw our customers in financial technology, retail, and the payments space struggling to innovate due to archaic payment processing systems, we didn't just imagine a better future, we created it.


We leveraged our technology expertise and business acumen to develop a new, modern payment processor, PayiQ, built on the cloud that unlocks powerful data insights. Quisitive's Payments Solutions business combines the rich product capabilities of PayiQ with best-in-class services for merchants and ISOs. This initiative is driving cost-savings for merchants, improved customer engagement, and massive innovation in a formerly stagnant industry.

The Quisitive Partnership
Expertise from cloud to cloud to cloud

We are committed to helping customers implement business solutions, move to and innovate within the three Microsoft clouds.
We bring the best and brightest talent and expertise to every customer engagement to solve challenges and achieve business goals.

Business Solutions Development

We are passionate about developing first-party solutions and products for our customers.
While we’re experts in Microsoft technologies, we know that sometimes customers want or need complementary technology, and we’re experts in that, too. In fact, innovation is in our DNA. We know what it takes to envision a product and make it a reality, because we don’t just do this for our customers — we do it for ourselves.

Trusted Advisors and Partners

We are focused on deep partnerships – with our customers, and with Microsoft.
Our deep relationship with Microsoft extends from the top executive levels to customer success managers in the frontlines, which means we have a direct line to the latest products and solutions that will benefit our customers.