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Quisitive is passionate about taking on our customer's challenges and developing superb products that meet their needs. As application development experts, we've launched multiple products designed to give our customers a competitive advantage as they work to meet their business goals.
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At Quisitive, we are proud experts in product development

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Whether it’s helping our customers achieve their vision or bringing our own vision to market, we focus on developing the best, most relevant products in the most efficient way.

See how Quisitive's products meet both a technology need and a business need in their respective marketplaces.
Payments Intelligence Platform
PayiQ is a Payments Intelligence™ platform and data insights product that transforms everyday transaction data into seamless customer engagement for merchants across all channels. Visit PayIQ
Healthcare Cloud Platform
MazikCare is a set of healthcare-ready business solutions that enhances end-to-end business operations across the care continuum so healthcare teams can spend more time on what they do best: treating patients. Explore MazikCare
Employee Performance Management
emPerform is an employee performance management solution that helps you with performance reviews, goal management, succession planning, compensation management, reporting and analytics, and more. Visit emPerform
Manufacturing Process Management

ShopFloor is a manufacturing process management solution that gives your team instant access to intuitive dashboards to track project and process flows, monitors onsite and remote equipment health, and consolidates your IT infrastructure, saving time and money and increasing efficiency across the enterprise.

Explore ShopFloor
Community Development Application
PowerGov is an application for permitting, business licensing, code enforcement, and maintenance management. PowerGov is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a full view of the city’s operations. Explore PowerGov
Advanced Ticketing Dashboard
Velocity Insights is a software development tool used to monitor, diagnose, and prioritize errors efficiently with the help of AI and Machine Learning to reduce the time spent on fixing errors without compromising product quality. Explore Velocity Insights
Secure Online Age Verification

AgeChecker is an age verification tool for retail businesses that works by comparing the customer’s name, address, and date of birth against a database of various public records to validate age.

Visit AgeChecker
ISO Certification Logo
Quisitive is an ISO Certified partner.

This ISO 27001 certification shows that Quisitive is compliant with cybersecurity standards, meaning we fiercely protect the information assets integral to the information technology consulting, managed services, AI managed services, and digital solutions we provide to you.