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Quisitive is bringing humanity back to machine translations.
You no longer need to make a choice between low-quality machine translations and slow, expensive human translations.

Explore Quisitive's Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Language Engineering Services, where we leverage the best of both worlds to deliver high-quality, timely results.
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Language technology
has evolved.

Natural Language Processing
Language Engineering

One of the most useful areas of artificial intelligence for localization is Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Why Use Machine Intelligence?

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  • NLP Components & Grammar Creation
  • Sentiment Analysis & Entity Detection
  • Feature & Component Testing
  • Chatbot Development
  • Social Media Listening
  • Real-Time Multilingual Communication
  • Language accuracy and cultural insights that increase user acceptance rates and reduce errors and risks
  • Fast-paced creation and commercialization of linguistic assets due to streamlined multilingual workflows
  • Improved efficiency and reliability with above average increase in output with a percent quality score
  • Robust virtual and physical security to mitigate breaches
  • Efficient sourcing and managing of rare and skilled language and engineering resources