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Operations acts like the spine of an organization — forming a central structure and channel for business-wide processes, communications, and data.

You need data to pass between systems securely and for workflows to run smoothly. Taking a holistic approach is central to success.
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Maximum efficiency in supply chain operations

Quisitive provides IT solutions to cover every corner of your operations — whether it’s providing data-driven analytics to improve cost/quality control or automating workflows to boost efficiency in supply chain management.


Many organizations are still using outdated systems that cause bottlenecks, information silos, and fail to provide a full picture of critical operations data. Moving to cloud-based solutions with Quisitive can unlock the full potential of your operations.

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Benefits of modernizing your operations
Connected and integrated

Manage operations across multiple clouds and systems with full integration and connectivity. We’ll tailor solutions for your workflows to ensure you are maximizing efficiency in your multi-channel supply chain.

100% visibility

With so many moving parts, you need full visibility from one single user interface. Proactively monitor responsiveness and efficiency in supply chain management with insights based on real-time data.

Cost and quality controls

Keep on top of cost and quality management with analytics that provide real-time insights. Use dashboards and reports to take data-driven decisions which improve supply chain efficiency.

Flexible and scalable

The fast-moving nature of operations requires an agile approach. Our flexible cloud-based solutions allow you to scale your IT solutions to meet the demands of modern supply chain management.

Sustainability first

Sustainability is a growing priority for all businesses. Whether boosting productivity or reducing emissions, our solutions will help you hit sustainability targets without affecting efficiency in supply chain operations.


Wide-ranging expertise allows us to build custom solutions for you based on your unique needs. We also have industry-specific expertise that is built into our products like MazikCare Care Supply and ShopFloor.

El Rio Community Health case study
"El Rio Health staff are dedicated to providing high quality and affordable care to our patients. Implementing the MazikCare Procurement solution to improve our procurement and inventory systems helps support this mission by freeing up precious time for the clinical staff to focus on patient care."
Tim Snowball
Procurement Director for El Rio Health
Why Quisitive?

Quisitive builds holistic IT solutions that harness the power of your data and provide a 360-degree view of operations. Proactively manage and monitor supply chain management in real time and make informed decisions to drive better outcomes. As Microsoft IT experts, we use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to build custom solutions designed for the unique challenges you face in your industry.

In healthcare or retail? Our expertise in these areas has been built into our product range, including MazikCare Supply for healthcare and ShopFloor for retail.

Holistic approach to operations and efficiency in supply chain management
Microsoft IT experts who can get the most from Microsoft Dynamics 365
Expertise in your industry and the solutions that will work best for you
Learn how to improve efficiency in your supply chain
Operations is crucial to the success of your entire organization. There is an enormous opportunity for organizations to modernize their IT solutions for operations. Fill out this form to learn more how to get started on your journey with Quisitive.

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