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MazikCare Care Supply offers real-time insights into your materials management so your teams can coordinate and optimize supply purchase and replenishment processes.
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Improve materials management to enhance precision and value-based care.

Supply chain leaders experience constant fluctuations in usage, demand, and waste that make manual predictions difficult, if not impossible. Healthcare organizations need an agile, healthcare-first solution built specifically to save costs and optimize results.


Through our deep expertise in the healthcare and life sciences industry and our MazikCare cloud platform, we offer an unparalleled ability to drive digital transformation for organizations in healthcare.

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MazikCare Care Supply offers intuitive features that ease employee burdens and boost operational efficiencies.

Materials management & supply chain optimization
  • AI-enhanced demand forecasting
  • Ensure optimal level of supplies at facilities and departments
  • Eliminate waste and unnecessary spending
PAR management
  • Automates counting and re-ordering of materials
  • Set intelligent inventory parameters for stock-level optimization
  • Automatically replenishes inventory to maintain PAR
  • Centralize vendors in one shopping portal
  • Automate labor-intensive manual tasks
  • Manage inventory across multiple PAR locations
GPO contracts
  • Create intelligently optimized workflows for insights.
  • Enhance inventory management for improved control.
  • Facilities large orders efficiently at scale
Medication dispensing
  • Scale prescription preparation and packaging
  • Incorporate tailor-built guidelines for compliance with laws
  • Ensure adherence to state and federal regulations
Track and trace
  • Minimize waste with efficient prescription distribution
  • Improve inventory management for pharmaceuticals
  • Track status, history, and location of items
El Rio Community Health case study
“We implemented Dynamics 365 Supply Chain and MazikCare Care Supply to improve our procurement and inventory systems. The solutions helped support our mission by freeing up precious time for the clinical staff to focus on patient care.”
Tim Snowball
Procurement Director, El Rio Health
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Intelligently monitor inventories to save costs, optimize processes, and ensure patients and physicians have the right supplies needed for extraordinary care.

Centralize supply chain management by leveraging real-time insights to balance essential supplies without driving up waste and costs.

Ensure your organization has the right type and amount of materials available at precisely the right moment.

Create an Amazon-like marketplace experience for providers, clinical staff, and administrators.

Empower your organization to manage spending better, increase purchasing power, and provide instant access to an array of suppliers and bulk contracting terms.

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