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Data Fusion

Disparate data and outdated systems make it impossible to identify the real-time insights needed to achieve operational and delivery excellence. That's why we created MazikCare Data Fusion, a unified data platform designed for healthcare organizations.
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Enable frictionless patient care and service through a unified data platform.
Built on the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, MazikCare Data Fusion offers the data integration, intelligent workflows, and AI-driven insights that healthcare organizations need to deliver the best possible experience for patients and providers, and to strategically analyze operations to reduce costs.
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Unify disparate data sources to enable intelligent business decisions and care outcomes.

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Transform your data into actionable records across:
Electronic health records (EHRs)
Electronic medical records (EMRs)
Enterprise resource planning (ERPs)
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Supply & inventory management
Claims management
Telecommunications and telemedicine programs
Data analytics software
Patient Portals
Health information exchange (HIE)
Hospital information system (HIS)
Boost insights and results with complete data visibility
Improve medication adherence
Power patient activation measures
Better predict outcomes of your patient population (LACE)
The Cost of Data Silos in Healthcare

Data silos contribute to the strain by creating glaring inefficiencies from both patient and provider perspectives, especially within hospital settings. Learn more about the benefits of a unified data platform in our blog, Risky Business: The Cost of Data Silos in Healthcare. 

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