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Payer Matrix

With thinning margins, creating fair patient payment timelines and revenue cycle management processes are a must for all healthcare organizations. Payer Matrix can help you achieve just this!
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Improve financial results & care with effective revenue cycle management & payment processing.
MazikCare Payer Matrix creates communication pathways between traditionally siloed healthcare organizations and health plans to facilitate seamless revenue cycle management, claims and billing processes, patients and offer payment plans, and improve the experience for all stakeholders involved.
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MazikCare Payer Matrix increases revenue and improves financial health while delivering extraordinary care outcomes.
Revenue Cycle Management

Ensure every aspect of RCM is optimized to improve collections & reduce team burnout

Denial Management

Identify and reduce the number of claims denied for improved financial performance

Utilization Management

Identify patterns to reduce costs and anticipate demand

Claim Management

Get a complete dashboard of claim status to eliminate manual claim tracking

Benefit Management

Ensure coverage is invoked at the right time for the right care

Member Management

Securely and seamlessly share patient & member date between providers and payers

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Quisitive MazikCare is a set of health care-ready business solutions built on the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Enhance end-to-end business operations across the care continuum so healthcare teams can spend more time on what they do best: treating patients.

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