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Microsoft Fabric integrates with your Microsoft Stack to increase data analytics efficiency.

Streamline data management, accelerate AI-powered analysis, and implement real-time analytics to unlock the full potential of your data.
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Unify all your data in one platform.

Microsoft Fabric is an end-to-end analytics solution with full-service capabilities including data movement, data lakes, data engineering, data integration, data science, real-time analytics, and businessintelligence—all backed by a shared platform providing robust data security, governance, and compliance. 


Your organization no longer needs to stitch together individual analytics services from multiple vendors. Instead, use a streamlined solution that’s easy to connect, onboard, and operate.

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Transform how your organization uses data​

Empower your data scientists by breaking down barriers with Microsoft Fabric​.

Unify your data real estate​

With Microsoft Fabric merge all your data from different sources into one centralized platform. Simplifying your data architecture and connecting your entire team in one location.

Enhanced workflows

Equip your team with personalized analytics tools to help them generate real-time analytics.

AI-powered insights​

Integration with Microsoft CoPilot allows you to unlock the full potential of your data. Use natural language prompts to explore and bring your data to life.

Responsible data governance​

Connect all your cloud platforms in a secure service to enhance scalability and security. 

Cost saving​

Reduce expenses with Fabric’s unified platform, optimizing resource allocation.

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Quisitive is Microsoft's Worldwide Partner of the Year 2024 for Analytics for its work with Microsoft Fabric, OWN and Quisitive Mazikcare
Quisitive is Microsoft's Partner of the Year for Analytics!

This award recognizes our team’s efforts in implementing Fabric for Healthcare for the Ontario Workers Network and the impact the solution has had on creating more precise and tailored patient care plans while enhancing clinician efficiency.

Fabric integrates with your existing Microsoft stack

With One Lake unify all your organizations data into one hub; eliminate data duplication,  enjoy simple connection and movement of data, and effectively organize your data in one place.   


Visualize and experiment with your data using CoPilot AI. Empower your data with AI insights and generative reports, then easily share these findings through M365.

Data Factory

Integrate every data source with Data Factory. Organize, gather, and create pipelines to bring all your data into one location. 


Transform your data with Synapse. Empower your data engineers and scientists with predictive AI models, real-time analytics, and scalable storage.

Data Activator

Keep your information safe with Data Activator. Protect your data with real-time monitoring, filters and flexible alerts, trigger human and automated responses to threats with no code. 

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Microsoft AI Partner

As a top Microsoft Solutions Partner with a designation in Data & AI, we hold specializations in...

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Infra and Database Migration
Migrate Enterprise Applications to Azure
Intelligent Automation

For Healthcare: Bring Your Data into the Era of AI

Break down data barriers and ensure vital information flows seamlessly, securely, and reliably.


Quisitive’s Fabric Data Solution and Generative AI for Healthcare uses Microsoft’s Fabric platform to improve patient and provider satisfaction by and enabling critical efficiencies and insights.

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