On-Demand: Mitigating Security Risk Around AI Projects | Quisitive
On-Demand: Mitigating Security Risk Around AI Projects
Presented by healthsystemsCIO: Hear directly from healthcare leaders as they share how their organizations are leveraging AI—without putting themselves at risk of a security breach.
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Speakers: JD Whitlock, CIO Dayton Chilren's Hospital; Paul Curylo, CISO, Inova Health System; Jimmy Ledbetter, VP of AI Strategy and Services, Quisitive; Ed Higgins, Executive Director of Security & Compliance Solutions, Security Office Leader, Quisitive; Anthony Guerra, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, healthsystemsCIO

About this webinar:

AI in healthcare has the potential to address dozens of efficiency challenges that health systems must solve to flourish in today’s world of staffing shortages and increased burnout. Users are requesting organizations interject AI into a variety of workflows to improve productivity and patient care.


Unfortunately, AI initiatives like these are being put on hold due to security concerns. But it doesn’t have to be that way. While security is still a top priority when it comes to AI, there are interim, iterative, and incremental steps that can be taken so AI projects can move forward without putting the healthcare enterprise at risk of security breaches.


In this webinar, we’ll speak to leaders who, instead of saying no, are finding ways to respond with, “Yes, and here’s how.”


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