Application Development Services Header Image: A woman works at her desk developing an application
Application Development Services Header Image: A woman works at her desk developing an application

Application Development Services

Reach new heights with App Development Services from the experts.


Quisitive’s teams of application development consultants can help your team harness the power of the cloud to drive innovation and unlock new capabilites for your organization.

Whether you need to build and secure a business application, modernize an app that already exisits, or augment your DevOps capabilities, we’re the right partner to help you achieve your goal.

Our team of application development consultants have expertise across a variety of development languages and data solutions in order to help you develop new, update or scale existing applications for mobile, the cloud, on-premises or hybrid. 

Our app development services span from initial research and planning, providing high-level strategic guidance and user experience design, to putting insights into action and developing your application with dedicated teams and quality assurance. Need ongoing support?

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It’s why we’ve been the partner of choice for organizations that range from startups to Fortune 100 companies for years.

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Innovate and achieve business outcomes with modern application principles with managed services for 

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Product Development

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Plan smarter and deliver faster with modern development principles.

Learn more about Azure DevOps.

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Whether you’re building an entire mobile product from scratch or have back-end resources but want to improve your time to market, our iOS, Android and Hybrid mobility application development experts are here to help.

Clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, have leveraged our mobile application development expertise to help them build new or update existing mobile applications in a variety of ways:

  • Cross Platform (Hybrid) through popular frameworks such as React Native, Ionic or Xamarin
  • Native for iOS and Android
    • Popular native languages like Swift, Java
    • Integration with popular services for payment gateways, location services, audio/video streaming, multi-factor authentication, analytics, ad integration, iBeacon and BLE devices, API integration
    • Or integration with secured enterprise backend systems
  • Assistance with application performance and memory management optimizations
  • DevOps for mobile development
    • Creating build and release pipelines with App Center
    • Backlog management in GitHub or Azure DevOps
    • Gaining insights through crash reporting and insights to have clear insight into how your mobile application is being used
  • User Experience Design, optimized for the different mobile platforms

Read about how Inform Diagnostics worked with Quisitive to develop an effective mobile solution.

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Often, it’s not a singular application that an organization needs; rather, it is an application integration strategy and design to connect the many enterprise systems together to create a seamless and automated business workflow process. The right application integration strategy can help accelerate new business processes, while optimizing the cost to implement.

We know for many it’s not enough to write APIs for back-end systems to serve web and mobile content for front-end interfaces. That complex and enterprise applications require connecting to various third-party systems and internal systems, require different forms of authentication, and if not done correctly can create fragile solutions. However, done correctly, you can get the results that your business needs now and in the future. 

Our API expertise includes:

  • Messaging and Integration Patterns
  • Building cloud-native and hybrid solutions using the Azure Integration Services platform
  • Operations and monitoring of integrated systems

Analyze data, build solutions, automate processes and create virtual agents with Microsoft Power Platform.

Learn more about our Power Platform Quick Start.

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Testing and Quality Assurance is a critical component of business application development.

We emphasize test-driven development. Our engineering team is required to develop based on specific test scripts and to unit-test all code prior to deploying. We work with clients to determine the appropriate QA strategy: manual, automated or a combination of the two. Whether the test automation is integrated with the DevOps pipelines depends on the effort needed and the maturity of the product or software technology we deliver.

Our Approach

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Dedicated Teams

Need an entire app development team? Maybe an additional development unit, or just a small supplemental development team for special projects that are outside of your core business? If so, consider a dedicated team from Quisitive.

You can ramp up in a hurry by leveraging the methodologies, collaboration systems and team synergies from our established development centers. With onshore, nearshore and offshore development facilities already in place, we can provide you with a talented, dedicated technical team to bring your vision to life.

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