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Application Modernization Assessment

Custom business applications are critical to nearly every business’s processes. But many were built in a different era, before the advent of cloud technologies or AI solutions.

Prepare your applications to harness the power of AI and scale with your business with an Application Modernization Assessment.
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Develop a full application modernization strategy to seamlessly migrate your apps to Azure and leverage Microsoft AI solutions.

Successful application modernization requires careful planning, as well as deep knowledge of how to architect for the cloud to take advantage of new innovations as they are introduced. Quisitive’s Application Modernization Assessment will help you develop an understanding of your company’s current business-critical applications and how they could be modernized with Azure.


Quisitive simplifies the process of moving your applications to Azure by helping you develop an application modernization strategy that ensures you don’t miss a thing.

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Application Modernization Assessment

Typical Timeframe: 2 weeks

Quisitive will help create an app modernization strategy by conducting a variety of workshops to explore your applications and discuss current and future goals. We map your objectives, discover risks, and create a migration strategy that best fits your needs.

Step 1: Application review workshop
  • Envision and define goals
  • Review current state of each application
  • Investigate architecture, business drivers, integration points, and more
Step 2: Technical review workshop
  • Assess details of the application
  • Determine AI readiness
  • Create and design a plan for modernization
Step 3: Application modernization roadmap
  • Build migration strategy
  • Create timeline for modernization plan
  • Define technology needed
  • Define architecture for each application
  • Deliver full modernization plan and estimate
Benefits of migrating your applications to the cloud
Better experience for users
Far greater functionality than ever available before
Prepare applications for adoption of AI
Improved accessibility for remote users
Better security and compliance
Benefits of working with Quisitive

Quisitive is an official Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner with a specific designation in Digital & App Innovation

Work with a top Microsoft Partner
Get a clear vision of the modernization process
Develop an app modernization strategy roadmap that takes all users’ needs into account
Empower your team to scale applications quickly
Keep up with the latest security and technology trends
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