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Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) Jumpstart

This jumpstart program is designed to take your organization from understanding the Azure Kubernetes technology to deploying an AKS environment with a single workload running on it.
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Implement & adopt Azure Kubernetes Service in 2-4 weeks

The Quisitive AKS Jumpstart is designed to help organizations understand and implement solutions on Azure Kubernetes Service.

At the end of this program with our Microsoft experts, our clients understand the technology, modernization efforts, deploying AKS, and solutions into it, to better help plan the broader adoption of AKS within the organization.

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How AKS adds value to your organization
Faster Containerized Application Development

AKS reduces time spent on debugging while also addressing patching, auto-upgrades and self-healing, significantly reducing development timelines.

Built-in Security and Compliance

AKS offers daily patches, node image auto upgrades and planned maintenance schedules to create a security-optimized system.

Run Any Workload in the Cloud

With AKS, you can connect your Kubernetes clusters to public cloud providers to manage application deployments, monitoring, threat protection and governance.

Cost Optimization

AKS has built-in flexibility, allowing you to only use the resources you need with the click of a button. This reduces costs, makes scaling easier and facilitates faster start-up speeds.

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