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Low-Code and

No-Code Application Modernization 

Empower non-developers to build custom, high-quality apps that solve business challenges with low-code / no-code application development & modernization with Microsoft Azure and Power Apps.
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Reduce time and cost of business process automation with low-code and no-code application modernization solutions

Organizations of all sizes are currently looking to modernize their app estates— recognizing that with modern, cloud-based apps, they can innovate, unlock productivity, streamline processes, improve the customer and employee experience, save costs, and much more.


But many organizations are also struggling with knowing where to start. Quisitive’s No-Code, Low-Code Application Modernization program provides the strategic and technical guidance for organizations of all sizes to help enable and govern no-code/low-code application solutions.

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What are Low-Code and No-Code Development?
While low-code development and no-code development are similar, they are not quite the same. Here are a few key differences.
Low-Code Development
Facilitated by Microsoft Azure
  • Allows for more flexibility and control
  • Includes IT oversight during the development process
  • Highly customizable and scalable
  • Useful for professional developers and business users alike
No-Code Development
Facilitated by Microsoft Power Apps
  • No coding expertise needed to build an app
  • Empowers any employee to build a business app
  • Rapid development thanks to pre-built tools and templates
  • Lowers dev costs for your organization

Unlock the power of fusion development with Microsoft Azure and Power Apps

Building no-code solutions with Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps helps you adopt no-code and low-code as a platform to unlock innovation. You’re able to automate business processes, reduce development costs, improve efficiencies, and extend the value of your investment in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.


With Power Apps, you’re able to empower non-developers, both in IT and the business, to build custom, professional-grade apps that solve common business challenges and help you get to market sooner.

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Benefits of no-code, low-code application development with Microsoft Azure and Power Apps

Fusion development allows a business to build better applications, faster, by bringing together professional developers with low-code developers. By modernizing apps with Microsoft Azure and Power Apps, professional developers can enable their low-code colleagues to build amazing Power Apps applications using pro-code tools and frameworks they’re already familiar and comfortable with.

Reduce costs

The average cost to develop an application is 74% less with Power Apps. Lower development and maintenance costs while still meeting their requirements by using Azure and Power together.

Increase security

A modernized app estate can more effectively meet data security and compliance requirements. Take advantage of the increased security capabilities of Azure and Power Apps.

Grow your revenue

Over 800+ out-of-the-box data connectors and integration with Azure services makes it simple to integrate and extend Power Apps solutions to reach new users and markets.

Empower your people

Empower and assist your employees to build apps rapidly, with easy pro-dev customisation, reusable components, and low-code development and deployment tools.

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Which option is right for you? Explore the differences between custom application development and a no-code, low-code solutions like Microsoft Power Apps. 


Download the infographic to compare these two platforms and determine which is best for your business needs.

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