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Register Now: Quisitive Unite 2024 Virtual Community Conference

By Jessica Thomason | May 1, 2024
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CFSA Case Study Feature Image - logo

Quisitive helps CFSA Launch Kinship Navigator Platform

By Quisitive | December 7, 2023

Learn how Quisitive helped CFSA launch Kinship Navigator Platform to improve public access to financial aid and keep families together.

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Google Analytics in SharePoint Online Feature Image - Is it right for your organization? Image shows the logos for both technologies overlaid on an image of graphs and charts.

Google Analytics in SharePoint Online

By Rob Soto | July 26, 2023

Explore your options for gathering SharePoint Online analytics, including if Google Analytics in SharePoint Online is the right fit for you.

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AI Readiness Blog Feature Image: Profile of a woman overlaid with computer code

AI Readiness: Preparing Your Organization to Leverage the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

By Rudy Sandoval | July 19, 2023

Evaluate your organizations AI Readiness so you can leverage automated processes, improve decision-making, and enhance customer experiences.

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MazikCare Care Planner App Video Feature Image

Video: MazikCare Care Planner App

By Quisitive | June 28, 2023

Learn how MazikCare’s Care Planner App simplifies the care planning process, eliminates the need for manual processes, and streamlines communication between physicians and caregivers.

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Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

By Quisitive | May 9, 2023

Learn how Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation has been able to improve productivity, ensure the accuracy and accessibility of financial insights, and increase the understanding of cost drivers for better decision-making with Business Central and custom apps developed by Quisitive.

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On-Demand: The Art of the Possible with Power BI

By Quisitive | March 28, 2023

Discover how you can unlock the potential of your data estate and begin creating a data-driven culture within your organization using Power BI.

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Corporate Budgeting Blog - person's hand hovers over a screen with overlay of graphs and data charts to represent corporate budgeting

The Old World of Corporate Budgeting and Its Shortfalls

By Angela Gillis | March 10, 2023

Discover the benefits from moving away from traditional finance and corporate budgeting process to a unified and modern xP&A environment.

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Machine Learning Blog Feature Image - A dark photo of the earth with small connected dots laid over top to show the interconnectedness of today's world and the abundance of data now available to marketing professionals

What Is Machine Learning, and How Is It Transforming Marketing Analytics?

By Quisitive | July 9, 2020

Machine learning has transformed marketing analytics and practices by offering data-informed insights and improving customer service.

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artificial intelligence blog feature image - This image shows a graphic of a human brain transposed over a photo of a person.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing the Workplace?

By Quisitive | July 8, 2020

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are quickly transforming the future of work by allowing employers to maximize productivity while maintaining consistent growth.

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