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Quisitive is Microsoft's Worldwide Partner of the Year 2024 for Analytics for its work with Microsoft Fabric, OWN and Quisitive Mazikcare
Transforming Worker Healthcare in Ontario: A Data-Driven Approach with Microsoft Fabric
Discover how OWN's remarkable transformation earned Quisitive the prestigious title of Microsoft's 2024 Worldwide Partner of the Year in Analytics. This is the fourth year in a row Quisitive has been named Microsoft Partner of the Year for innovation and impact in healthcare.
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In this case study:

Client: Ontario Workers Network (OWN)

Industry: Healthcare

Products and Services: Microsoft Fabric, MazikCare

Country: Canada

"Our work with OWN... is more than just a technological advancement; it's about real people regaining their ability to work and support their loved ones.”
Mike Reinhart
CEO, Quisitive
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In today’s fast-paced healthcare world, the well-being of patients and their ability to return to their everyday lives is paramount. The Ontario Workers Network (OWN), a Canadian provincial initiative, faced significant challenges in managing and leveraging vast amounts of disconnected data to provide timely and coordinated care for over 5,000 patients annually.


This case study explores how OWN, with the leadership of Arthur Health and the support of Quisitive and Microsoft, harnessed advanced data, analytics, and intelligence solutions to revolutionize its healthcare delivery and positively impact people's lives.

Microsoft Global Partner of the Year 2024 Analytics

Supporting Worker Health in Ontario

OWN is dedicated to offering quality treatment and support for workplace injuries through a network of 20hospitals and 90 rehabilitation centers across Ontario, Canada. The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) provides essential insurance support for injured workers. Ensuring quick and effective treatment is crucial because prolonged recovery times delay workers' return to their jobs, disrupt their lives, and increase compensation costs for WSIB.

Fragmented Data in Healthcare

Like many other healthcare providers and networks, OWN struggled with the inefficiencies of handling fragmented data from various sources, leading to prolonged treatment times and suboptimal patient outcomes. These delays meant that workers couldn't return to their jobs, impacting their ability to support their families and maintain their livelihoods.


OWN needed a solution to integrate and analyze data seamlessly to optimize care coordination, reduce patient wait times and unnecessary testing, and ultimately help people get back to their lives, their work, and their families more quickly.

Building on the Success of Integrated Care

Arthur Health, a healthcare solutions company based in Canada has been reimagining traditionally compartmentalized models of care through a clinically integrated network approach. In 2019, Arthur Health teamed up with Quisitive, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and University Health Network to scale a rapid-access clinic model of care for low-back pain. Building on this success, Arthur Health led the transformation initiative for OWN, bringing its expertise in integrated care and innovative healthcare solutions to the forefront of the project.

Microsoft’s Answer to Healthcare Data Challenges

In 2023, Microsoft selected Quisitive to deliver new healthcare data solutions in Microsoft Fabric. Quisitive partnered with Arthur Health to help OWN achieve its goals of unified data and seamless care coordination.


Quisitive leveraged its deep expertise in Microsoft cloud solutions and industry-leading MazikCare platform to demonstrate the transformative power of Microsoft Fabric for Healthcare and Quisitive’s Data and AI solutions. Quisitive’s proven expertise in healthcare data and system deliver, coupled with Arthur Health’s vision and Microsoft’s latest innovations in cloud analytics, OWN couldn’t have been in better hands.


Quisitive is Microsoft's Worldwide Partner of the Year 2024 for Analytics for its work with Microsoft Fabric, OWN and Quisitive Mazikcare
Quisitive is Microsoft's Partner of the Year for Analytics!

This award recognizes our team’s efforts in implementing Fabric for Healthcare for the Ontario Workers Network and the impact the solution has had on creating more precise and tailored patient care plans while enhancing clinician efficiency.


Quisitive’s MazikCare IP facilitated the migration and integration of over 35,000 patient files from OWN’s legacy EMR system and thousands of scanned documents from multiple providers. By utilizing Microsoft Fabric, Azure Open AI, and the MazikCare platform, Quisitive constructed a robust framework to streamline data transformation and analytics.


Key components of the solution included:

  • Data Transfer: Migrating data from legacy EMR to Microsoft Dataverse using Azure Synapse.
  • Data Transformation: Converting Dataverse data to Azure FHIR Service using LogicApps.
  • Generative AI: Summarizing documents to enhance data accessibility.
  • Power BI Dashboards: Providing analytical insights through dashboards allowing the ability to extract insights about care plans, patient-reported outcomes, provider services, and leading care performance indicators.

Impact on Healthcare Delivery

“The healthcare data solutions in Microsoft Fabric enable organizations to unify and harmonize the wealth of data that exists within their systems. Using the healthcare data solutions in Microsoft Fabric, Ontario Workers Network is empowered to alleviate clinical administrative burden, decrease wait times, and ultimately improve the quality-of-care delivery to patients in the communities it serves.”


Umesh Rustogi, General Manager, Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

The partnership between OWN, Arthur Health, Quisitive, and Microsoft showcases the transformative potential of advanced data solutions in healthcare. By integrating and analyzing disparate data sources, the project significantly improved patient outcomes, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. This case study serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in addressing complex healthcare challenges.

Building a Decentralized Network of Care Across Canada and the US

Quisitive and Arthur Health remain committed to working with OWN to further enhance the potential of Microsoft data and AI solutions through transformational predictive analytics. The aim is to establish a decentralized network of connected care across Canada and the US, enabling providers to deliver better, faster, and more cost-effective care.

“At Quisitive, we believe in the profound impact of technology on people's lives. Our ongoing collaboration with Arthur Health and our work with OWN and Microsoft Fabric has shown how data and AI can transform patient care, reduce wait times, and help individuals get back to their lives and families more swiftly. It's more than just a technological advancement; it's about real people regaining their ability to work and support their loved ones.”


Mike Reinhart, CEO, Quisitive