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How to Apply Multi-Select Filters in Power Apps

Power Apps with Combo Box

In this step-by-step tutorial video, we will learn how to build multi select filters in Power Apps. We will apply multiple filters to PowerApps Gallery including multiple item selections using combo box, multi-select checkboxes and multi select buttons.

We will build these gallery filters keeping delegation in mind (No delegation warning) & work with multiple data sources like Dataverse & SharePoint.

I will showcase how to filter a multi select choice column based on a multi select combo box control.

Trick is to go around the IN non-delegable Operator and use Equals (=) which is a delegable function. I will also cover a new function called “Index” in Power Apps.

This video covers the following:

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This video is a beginner’s guide to Solutions in Power Platform. I will provide an Overview of Solutions, cover concepts of building Power Apps and Power Automate flows inside solutions, bring your existing App & flows in solutions, export & import Solutions, setup Environment Variables, connect to SharePoint & Dataverse, Managed and Unmanaged Solutions, Solution Publisher, discuss how Environments & Solutions are linked, perform application lifecycle management (ALM) & move solutions across development, test (QA) and production environments & more.

Solutions are used to transport apps and components from one environment to another or to apply a set of customizations to existing apps. A solution can contain one or more apps as well as other components such as site maps, tables, processes, web resources, choices, flows, and more.

Solutions are the mechanism for implementing application lifecycle management (ALM) in Power Apps and other Power Platform products, such as Power Automate.

Video covers the following:

In this PowerApps video, you will learn all about the combo box control.

A combo box control is one that allows users to make selections from provided choices. Supports search and multiple selections.

A combo box control allows you to search for items you will select. The search is performed server-side on the SearchField property, so performance is not affected by large data sources.

Video showcases examples for combo box searching, filtering, default selected items, selected items, connecting to data source, search & filter large data (Delegation), dropdown control vs combo box control, combo box as people picker using Office 365 Users search, validation, Fluent UI Combo box, setting default value, limitations, performance with large data set, combobox delegation warning, combobox max items, connect combo box with SharePoint list, use display fields, search on multiple fields, search text and much more.

Video covers the following:

This video is a step-by-step tutorial on how to Send Email from PowerApps. We will explore the Microsoft 365 Outlook connector and see how we can send email using the Send Email V2 Function. We will set the subject, HTML body, To, Cc, Bcc, From, Attachments, Importance & much more.

We will send Images as Email Attachments using the Add Picture, Image & Pen Input controls in Power Apps. We will also leverage the PowerApps Attachment Control to send email attachments. This enables the user to send files & images as email attachments.

We will also send dynamic data in emails. Connect to Power Apps Gallery or collection or data source like SharePoint and send information to Email including SharePoint List Item Attachments. We will also look at how to style (brand) emails. Embed images into email body using base64 image converter or get the HTML from any email and use it to format our emails being sent from Power Apps.

We will also learn how to send an email from PowerApps with a button click, use the Email Screen Template & more.

Video showcases the following:

Looking for a Calendar Control in Power Apps? Then this step-by-step tutorial video on how to build a Calendar control in PowerApps within minutes is for you.

I will showcase a simple way to create a Calendar control in Power Apps using the Calendar Screen Template & connect it to SharePoint List. This out of the box screen template in power apps gives us a calendar control experience connected to Outlook calendar.

The Calendar control is built using multiple galleries and has all the logic in place to calculate days in each month, 1st and last date of the month, move calendar control between months and more. I will show how we can simply take the components of the calendar control from this screen template and build our own calendar control.

I will show how to connect the Calendar View (control) to a Gallery connected to a SharePoint List. The Calendar view will highlight events for specific dates. I will also show how to add a nested gallery in the calendar control itself to showcase all the events for a given date range, color code the Calendar items, connect the calendar to a form control & more.

Video covers the following:

Power Apps New Features & Functions | Index, Search, Find & Replace, String Interpolation

In this Power Apps video, we will take a look at the latest features & functions for Canvas PowerApps.
Power Apps recently added new Power Fx functions like Index, RandBetween & new features like String Interpolation, Power Automate Pane, Search Pane, Find & Replace in Formula Bar & Support for SharePoint Image Column.

This video will cover Power Apps new features & functions with demos & examples.
Keeping up to date with the latest on the Power Platform is a challenge & I hope this video series has you covered on the recent updates.

What’s New in Power Apps:
✅ Index function
✅ RandBetween function
✅ Power Automate Pane
✅ Search Pane
✅ Find & Replace in Formula Bar
✅ SharePoint Image Column Support
✅ String Interpolation

Table of Contents:

00:00 -Introduction

00:29 – SharePoint Image Column Support in PowerApps

02:10 – String Interpolation in Power Apps

04:58 – Power Automate Pane in Power Apps

10:45 – Power Fx New Index Function – Get record from collection using Index

12:41 – PowerFx RandBetween Function – Generate random number in Power Apps

13:52 – Find and Replace text in Power Apps formula bar

15:50 – Search Pane PowerApps – Search for text in Collections, Variables, Formulas & more.

17:49 – Power Apps Sneak Peek into upcoming features

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Getting started with Microsoft Dataverse? Then this Introduction video on Microsoft Dataverse has you covered. You will learn how to create Dataverse Tables & Relationships, connect Tables to Canvas Power Apps, Add/Update Relational Data & more.

This video will provide an Overview of Dataverse for Beginners, cover Data Model, Dataverse Tables & Relationships and we will build a Power App from Dataverse data.

We will cover all types of relationships – Many-to-one, One-to-many, and Many-to-many (N:1, 1:N & N: N), define our data model, leverage Lookup columns & use both the Form Control & Patch function to add/update data in our Tables.

We will learn the following:

In this Power Apps Tutorial Video, I will showcase how to add SharePoint List Forms Customized PowerApps & Standalone PowerApps to Modern SharePoint Pages. We will look at the features available as part of the Power Apps Web Part & explore how to leverage the Embed Web Part to create a connected web part scenario with Power Apps & SharePoint List.

Upon selection of a list item, the PowerApps webpart will receive the property of the selected list item as a query string dynamic filter parameter & we will perform deep linking in Power Apps to showcase the Power Apps form for the selected item. The connected web part scenario will be showcased for both SharePoint List Forms customized with Power Apps & Standalone Power Apps.

In this video you will learn about:

This video is a step-by-step tutorial for beginners on Power Apps Gallery & connected Edit Form Control.

In this PowerApps video, we will leverage the same form control for New, Edit, and View forms thereby reducing the need to create multiple screens for forms. We will connect the Gallery & the Form control on the same screen experience. We will also look at how to use this concept to create an Editable Grid experience with Attachments. This video has something for everyone – beginners to intermediate to advanced.

Video covers the following:

✅ Power Apps Gallery Control

✅ Power Apps Edit Form Control

✅ Connect Gallery to Edit Form

✅ Reuse Form Control for New, Edit & View Form Modes

✅ Power Apps Gallery Default No Selection

✅ Gallery as Editable Grid with Attachments Form Control

✅ Gallery Grid with Editable Form Control