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Microsoft Syntex Pay-As-You-Go (Preview) is Available Now for a Short Time 
February 21, 2023
Microsoft Syntex Pay-As-You-Go (Preview) is available now for a short time. This is a limited-time preview of the document processing model.

A limited-time preview of Microsoft Syntex’s document processing models is now available in Commercial tenants where you can take advantage of the unstructured document processing models available at no cost. This will be useful to assess usage and estimate costs for a future pay-as-you-go license. 

With this preview, any users will be able to apply an unstructured document processing or prebuilt document processing model to a SharePoint library.  

Use cases include the automatic classification of documents and extraction of information, while an example of an unstructured document could be a contract renewal letter or a contract. 

Microsoft Syntex Pay-As-You-Go

What do you have to do?  

To activate the preview, navigate to your Microsoft 365 admin center > Setup > Files and content > Use content AI with Microsoft Syntex. 

Prerequisites include an Azure subscription, an Azure resource group in that subscription, and an Azure Storage Account in the same subscription to create usage reports. 

When will this happen?  

This preview will expire in February 2023. After this, the new Microsoft Syntex license will be required. 

Why would you want this? 

This is a great opportunity to “try before you buy” Microsoft Syntex.  Take advantage of this preview to understand how Syntex can improve search, automation, and compliance in your organization. 

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