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Looking back over a lot of great years
July 5, 2022
Cameron Fuller
The end of my time as a Microsoft MVP.

Over the last decade, I have known that the day would arrive when I would not be renewed as a Microsoft MVP.

I would like to say that I am not disappointed, but even knowing that something is eventually coming does not mean that you are ready for it. The truth is that being a Microsoft MVP has been the highlight of my professional career. Thank you to all the incredible folks at Microsoft and my fellow MVPs who took me in and made me a family member (you all know who you are).

I know that the MVP program is in great hands and the Microsoft MVPs, in turn, have the Microsoft community in good hands.

I plan on continuing to do what I did before I was an MVP and while I was an MVP – contributing to the community through my blog and speaking at technical conferences wherever it makes sense. So feel free to look me up on my TwitterLinkedIn, or MVP Reconnect!