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What does ChatGPT think about Grammarly?

By Cameron Fuller | February 10, 2023

Learn how Cameron Fuller used ChatGBT to share this blog post about Grammarly.

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Three great tools to enhance your communication: Grammarly

By Cameron Fuller | February 8, 2023

Grammarly is a third-party solution to help with providing more effective written communication. Learn more.

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Comparing Azure vulnerability scanning solutions

By Cameron Fuller | February 6, 2023

Explore Microsoft’s two built-in vulnerability assessment solutions for VMs, Microsoft Defender and Qualys, and find which is best for your organization.

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Three great tools to enhance your communication: Speaker Coach in Teams

By Cameron Fuller | December 15, 2022

Using Speaker Coach in Teams to help with communication.

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Creating custom Azure alerts from Log Analytics: parsing the alert in Azure Automation

By Cameron Fuller | August 31, 2022

This blog post shows how to create a runbook that will take an existing Kusto generated alert and reformat it into a human readable format. This is done through leveraging Azure Monitor, alert rules, action groups, Azure Automation and PowerShell called through a webhook.

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Creating custom Azure alerts from Log Analytics: the Kusto query

By Cameron Fuller | July 15, 2022

If you need custom formatted alerts, this is the best method we have found to date. In the next blog post we will showcase the updated Azure Automation runbook designed to receive and process the alert.

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Disassembling the Azure alert format for metric and log-based alerts

By Cameron Fuller | July 13, 2022

This blog post provides the internals of what is included in alerts for metrics and logs and highlights the differences between them. Additionally, this brought up two significant challenges I have seen working with them (readability and customization).

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Breaking out relevant content from AzureDiagnostics stored in the ResultDescription column

By Cameron Fuller | July 11, 2022

If you need to go through a field that contains multiple values, try out the parse-where functionality!

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Overcoming “the expression must be a constant” limit in Kusto

By Cameron Fuller | July 8, 2022

Are you running into “Error: The expression must be a constant” in Kusto? Try wrapping what you were trying to run in a function and then calling that function.

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Looking back over a lot of great years

By Cameron Fuller | July 5, 2022

The end of my time as a Microsoft MVP.

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