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Google Analytics in SharePoint Online Feature Image - Is it right for your organization? Image shows the logos for both technologies overlaid on an image of graphs and charts.

Google Analytics in SharePoint Online

By Rob Soto | July 26, 2023

Explore your options for gathering SharePoint Online analytics, including if Google Analytics in SharePoint Online is the right fit for you.

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Quisitive Quick Tips and Updates: How to Change Your SharePoint Domain Name

By Quisitive | February 10, 2023

Watch now to learn how you can now change your SharePoint domain name.

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Change SharePoint Domain Name Feature Image

How to Change Your SharePoint Domain Name and More in Microsoft 365

By Nick Brown | February 9, 2023

Microsoft has made it possible to change your SharePoint domain name due to a merger, rebranding acquisition, etc. Learn how.

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Microsoft Stream Video in SharePoint Hero Web Part Feature Image - Example of video embedded on SharePoint site and Stream logo

How to Add Microsoft Stream Videos to SharePoint Hero Web Part

By Nick Brown | January 27, 2023

Learn how to add Microsoft Stream videos to a SharePoint Hero web part so users can view the video inline within the web part.

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Sharepoint site templates Feature Image

New SharePoint Site Templates

By Quisitive | January 26, 2023

In November, Microsoft began rolling out three new Sharepoint site templates targeted for HR, Events, & Contract Management. Learn more.

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Sharepoint app bar Feature Image

SharePoint App Bar: Temporary Window to Disable has been Extended

By Nick Brown | January 25, 2023

The SharePoint app bar cannot be disabled permanently. However, it can be suppressed with PowerShell until March 31, 2023.

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Racked Servers with the sharepoint logo overlaid represent a SharePoint Migration

Types of SharePoint Migrations: Which is right for you?

By Quisitive | January 4, 2023

Explore different types of SharePoint migrations and uncover which approach is right for your organization.

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Confused about content migration? Compare OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. Find the perfect fit for seamless data transfer.

Content Migration: OneDrive vs SharePoint vs Teams

By Quisitive | December 23, 2022

Understand the key differences between OneDrive vs SharePoint vs Teams, so you can effectively map content for a Microsoft 365 migration.

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A team of professionals discuss their SharePoint migration plan while gathered around a whiteboard, such as the individual SharePoint migration steps

SharePoint Migration Best Practices

By Quisitive | October 11, 2022

Understand SharePoint migration best practices so you can feel confident in your SharePoint migration plan.

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Updates to SharePoint Online Fall 2022

Latest Updates to SharePoint Online

By Quisitive | September 13, 2022

See the latest updates to Sharepoint Online, coming Fall 2022.

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