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A computer screen with lines of code running across the screen. Feature Image for Azure For Business: Aligning Business and Technology Perspectives

Azure for Business: Aligning Business and Technology Perspectives

By Quisitive | April 26, 2022

In part 3 of the Azure for Business series, you’ll learn how to align business and technology groups of an org to drive success in the cloud.

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Modernizing Applications in manufacturing organizations blog feature image. A woman in a hard hat and vest checks data on her tablet on the manufacturing floor

Modernizing Applications for Your Manufacturing Organization: Now Is the Time

By Rob Carek | February 8, 2022

Modernizing applications in manufacturing leads to significant improvements in productivity, reductions in downtime, & better use of resources

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implementation blog feature image

The key to driving a successful implementation

By Quisitive | October 27, 2021

As we progress towards the future, building sustainable business practices continues to be at the forefront of our mind.

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Microsoft Industry Cloud, What's new. Feature Image

A Look into the Microsoft Industry Clouds

By Quisitive | October 22, 2021

Microsoft’s Industry Cloud offerings have expanded to meet industry needs head-on. Here’s a look into what’s new for 2022.

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digital transformation in supply chain for manufacturing organizations.

Supply Chain + Digital Transformation = Increased Business Performance

By Quisitive | August 28, 2021

Building sustainable business practices continues to be at the forefront of our minds. Learn how digital transformation can improve supply chain.

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A digital illustration of the earth is overlaid with icons representing the cloud, people, technology, value, and time. These icons are connected by thin lines, showing how each of these are dependent on one another and must be considered together when forming a cloud strategy for your business. In this article, we dissect the relation between time and value, in other words, cost of delay. 

Azure for Business: Understanding the Cost of Delay in Cloud Strategy Framework

By Quisitive | March 9, 2021

Understand cost of delay and how it applies to creating a successful cloud strategy framework (CSF) and migrating to the cloud.

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A person stands in a factory with machines at work, checking on their health and status via a screen with stats on the machine. This smart factory set up, leveraging analytics and cloud technologies, helps this person and his colleagues identify and resolve issues before they can impact supply chain.

Three Considerations for Becoming a Factory of the Future: A Smart Factory

By Quisitive | March 4, 2021

Learn how to evolve your factory into a smart factory, leveraging cloud technologies to identify & recommend solutions for issues before they ever occur.

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A person stands in a warehouse holding a tablet that is displaying inventory status through charts and graphs. Smart inventory uses the power of data and analytics combined with machine learning to help manufacturing organizations accurately plan for when and where their products will be needed.

Unpacking the Importance of Smart Inventory Control for Manufacturing

By Rob Carek | March 3, 2021

Read how smart inventory uses the analytics of Microsoft Azure, machine learning, and Azure services to predict when and where your products are needed.

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Machine Learning Blog Feature Image - A dark photo of the earth with small connected dots laid over top to show the interconnectedness of today's world and the abundance of data now available to marketing professionals

What Is Machine Learning, and How Is It Transforming Marketing Analytics?

By Quisitive | July 9, 2020

Machine learning has transformed marketing analytics and practices by offering data-informed insights and improving customer service.

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A phone, tablet, and computer sit together on a desk representing Internet of Things (IoT)

What Is the Role of the Cloud in the Internet of Things for Businesses?

By Quisitive | July 9, 2020

IoT devices are useful but come with security risks as they rely on massive amounts of data. By combining cloud computing and IoT technology, you can capture and interpret useful data while improving device performance and increasing security.

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