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digital transformation in supply chain for manufacturing organizations.
Supply Chain + Digital Transformation = Increased Business Performance
August 28, 2021
Building sustainable business practices continues to be at the forefront of our minds. Learn how digital transformation can improve supply chain.

The manufacturing industry is transforming, and organizations need to adapt their systems and processes to meet their strategic objectives. The needs for:

  • A connected factory to foster information sharing between workers, machines and sensors for real-time data on inventory levels and machines
  • Integrated systems to facilitate streamlined functions for intelligent order management
  • Supply chain insights to help businesses make proactive customer-centric decisions to meet customer demand and changing expectations

Below are two informative articles that discuss the need for digital transformation and the potential benefits of moving your manufacturing operations in this direction:

In the modern era of escalating disruption, it is becoming increasingly important to fortify your supply chain. Learn three approaches to prepare for disruptions with this article from Forbes: How to fortify your supply chain in an era of escalating disruption. This article highlights the dangers of supply chain vulnerability and the importance of preparing for times of disruption. It offers three key approaches to protect and support your supply chain: diversify, invest in digitization, and develop a disruption mindset

99% of original equipment manufacturers agree that digital transformation of their supply chain is important to meeting their ­­­organizations’ strategic objectives. Read more in this report from the Economist Intelligence Unit: “Putting your customer at the center of supply chain”. The supply chains of original equipment manufacturers have always been complex and often unpredictable, but in today’s hyper-connected world, OEMs are encountering new levels of complexity. Research finds that ninety-nine percent of OEMs believe that the digital transformation of their supply chain is important to meeting their organizations’ strategic objectives.

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