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A Look into the Microsoft Industry Clouds
October 22, 2021
Microsoft’s Industry Cloud offerings have expanded to meet industry needs head-on. Here’s a look into what’s new for 2022.

Digital innovation and transformation have been booming left and right. We’re making our way towards a more efficient, agile and sustainable future that’s powered by technology. The last year has fast-tracked these changes, and as they progress, it’s important that we keep up. This past year, Microsoft’s Industry Cloud offerings have expanded to meet industry needs head-on. Here’s a look into what’s new, and how these new clouds can take organizations to the next level.

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services

  • Modernize core banking services
  • Develop deep analytics
  • Enable new ways to reach customers

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

  • Secure remote work and the safety of frontline workers
  • Create more resilient supply chains
  • Enable always-on service

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

  • Utilize a connected intelligent platform that allows staff and volunteers to focus on their mission
  • Connect with constituent engagement, program design and delivery, volunteer management, and fundraising

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

  • Automation and efficiency on high-value workflows
  • Deep data analysis functionality for both structured and unstructured data
  • Now including virtual health, remote patient monitoring, care coordination and patient self-service, and support for eight new languages

Microsoft Cloud for Retail

  • Connect the end-to-end shopper journey
  • Improve operations, sales, and customer service

What’s unique about these offerings?

These new clouds, as well as the cloud offerings Microsoft has already provided, will be able to work either independently or together depending on the organization. They allow for customization and seamless integration with endless possibilities.

Microsoft has a wide range of partners that are leaders in every industry. Customers have access to hundreds of thousands of solutions, making it possible for each organization to find a solution that can tailor to their specific needs and challenges.

Learn more in Microsoft’s bloghttps://blogs.partner.microsoft.com/mpn/give-customers-an-edge-with-new-microsoft-industry-clouds/

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