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Feature Image: Hidden Benefits of Azure Cloud Migration. Image: An iceberg that is much larger under the surface of the water than what is visible above the water.

The Hidden Value of Azure Cloud Migration: Part 1 – Innovation

By Tom Williamson | September 12, 2018

Companies considering an Azure cloud migration should become well informed concerning all benefits Azure provides to an organization.

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Feature Image for Migrating Applications to the Cloud Blog

5 Steps to Take Before Migrating Applications to Azure

By Tom Williamson | July 24, 2018

Before migrating existing applications, some housekeeping is in order. Below are 5 steps to take before migrating applications to Azure.

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Feature Image for Azure Traffic Manager for Developers. Image of a developer sitting at a computer with lines of code across the screen

Azure Traffic Manager for Developers

By Tom Williamson | May 18, 2018

Explore these use cases that showcase how Azure Traffic Manager can be used by developers.

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Feature Image: Azure for Developers, Set Up and Security

Azure for Developers: Set up and Security

By Tom Williamson | April 16, 2018

With our Azure for Developers series, you can begin to understand cloud infrastructure and security to perform your job even more efficiently.

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Azure Security Examined Feature Image

Azure Security Examined

By Tom Williamson | April 2, 2018

Let’s examine a very small portion of how Microsoft Azure is thwarting criminal activity with Azure Security.

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