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Modernization in Retail Feature Image: A man and a woman stand in the stock room of a store, going over inventory on a tablet.

Why Retail Businesses Are Modernizing – and Doing it Now

By Rob Carek | February 14, 2022

If your business is in the retail sector, modernization is probably at the top of your list of concerns. Read the full blog.

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Modernizing Applications in manufacturing organizations blog feature image. A woman in a hard hat and vest checks data on her tablet on the manufacturing floor

Modernizing Applications for Your Manufacturing Organization: Now Is the Time

By Rob Carek | February 8, 2022

Modernizing applications in manufacturing leads to significant improvements in productivity, reductions in downtime, & better use of resources

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A professional works at his desk with several applications open across multiple devices, showing him reports, current status of sales. opportunities, finances, and more. Explore the benefits of application modernization and how organizations use their apps to create opportunities in the market.

4 Reasons Organizations Resist Software Modernization — and What They are Missing

By Rob Carek | September 22, 2021

Explore common reasons for resisting software modernization, what they’re missing, and the true benefits of software modernization services.

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a woman works diligently at a computer, representing the improved business insights associated with a company that leverages data services

The Transformational Power of Data Services

By Rob Carek | September 13, 2021

The key to unlocking your company’s potential is data science & machine learning. Here are 5 competitive advantages of using data services.

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A person stands in a warehouse holding a tablet that is displaying inventory status through charts and graphs. Smart inventory uses the power of data and analytics combined with machine learning to help manufacturing organizations accurately plan for when and where their products will be needed.

Unpacking the Importance of Smart Inventory Control for Manufacturing

By Rob Carek | March 3, 2021

Read how smart inventory uses the analytics of Microsoft Azure, machine learning, and Azure services to predict when and where your products are needed.

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