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4 Examples of How Microsoft Power Platform Has Transformed Businesses
November 17, 2022
Explore 4 specific examples of how you can use Microsoft Power Platform to boost productivity throughout your organization. 

Microsoft’s Power Platform is one of the latest and greatest app development programs, improving operations by automating business processes with low-code, no-code solutions. Did you know that Microsoft’s Power Platform isn’t just for IT? It offers easy scalable low/no-code application development for any department or business need. In the past few years, this platform has grown from thousands to millions of active users globally as more and more businesses realize the power behind this easy-to-use platform that helps analyze data, automate processes and build apps that can be as efficient as customized applications.

In this Power Up with Power Platform video, Timothy Cone, Quisitive’s Global Director of Modern Work and Elizabeth Brown, Quisitive’s Business Solutions Consultant, cover four specific and transformative examples of how to use the Power Platform to boost productivity throughout your organization.


Four companies transformed different departments in their organization with the use of the Power Platform.

1. Customer Care – Healthcare 

This was a critical, strategic project for a healthcare company. The company optimized its discharge and bed management by using Canvas and Model Driven apps available through Power apps.  

  • Created a lighter, mobile-friendly solution for displaying and presenting bed availability data so the staff can always be updated on bed availability, no matter where they are in the building. 

  • The app has the ability to escalate to the right stakeholder if the discharge activity is delayed and can impact discharge time. 

  • Forecasts where bed availability overages or shortages may occur so they can prevent them. 

  • Integrated their apps with the HR platform, master data, and bed demand forecasting tools. 

  • Leveraged Power BI for time series analysis and historical reporting on overall financial performance and quality of care that the patients receive. 

2. Idea Management – Manufacturing 

The use of the Canvas app eased the sourcing of ideas in a manufacturing organization with the hopes of creating new innovative health and safety solutions. 

  • Replaced Excel spreadsheets and SharePoint lists with the Canvas app to capture ideas for organizational improvement. 

  • The app had the ability to categorize the ideas, collect votes from the team, and give automated approvals. 

  • Implemented a dual language interface using a manual language translation since workers speak both English and Spanish. 

  • Tailored reporting and idea submission/approval process, all within one stand-alone system. 

3. Expense Reporting – Finance 

The finance department in this company saved hours upon hours with the use of Power Apps and Power Automate. Went from using Excel sheets to an automated process. 

  • Created a solution that enables the user to add the necessary information to a form. This easily gives the finance department the ability to collect, approve, and report expenses. 

  • Customized the interface of the app to match the organization’s finance systems. 

  • Created a tailored approval process to meet financial reporting requirements. 

4. Standardizing Communications – Contact Center

A company created standardized email templates and communications to guarantee accurate communication inside and outside the organization. 

  • Created a solution with a list of standardized email templates and descriptions, integrating with their CRM to auto-populate with the necessary information (or fill in the information manually).  

  • Ensured that all emails for revenue-generating procedures were accurate and contained all the necessary information. 

  • Streamlined emails to ensure they always come from a whitelisted email address to avoid getting caught in spam filters. 

These are just a few examples of the transformation the Power Platform can have in your business and departmental operations.  

The Power Platform is suitable for all categories of apps, but not all apps are created equal. When starting with a new app or solution, our first recommendation: make sure that you classify which apps are the best option for your needs and come up with a strategy before you start building your modern workplace. 

If you want to explore if the Power Platform, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Virtual Agents, is the right step for you or need help with the optimization of the platform you already have in place, our team can help.

  • If you are debating whether the Power Platform is an initiative to consider, we can host an Innovation Workshop to help you explore your needs, priorities and wishes. 

  • If you’ve started using the Power Platform and are unsure about governance, our Power Platform Quick Start can help you set the right rails to govern your environment and make the most out of it.

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