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Quisitive Collaborates with Microsoft to Leverage New Healthcare Data Solutions in Microsoft Fabric
October 11, 2023
Quisitive collaborated with Microsoft to leverage the new healthcare data solutions in Microsoft Fabric for Ontario Workers Network.

TORONTO, Oct. 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quisitive Technology Solutions, Inc. (“Quisitive” or the “Company”) (TSXV: QUIS, OTCQX: QUISF), a Microsoft solutions provider and payments solutions provider, today announced that it will collaborate with Microsoft to leverage the new healthcare data solutions in Microsoft Fabric for Ontario Workers Network (“OWN”), the Ottawa Hospital, and other hospitals in the network.


Fabric is an end-to-end, unified analytics platform that seamlessly integrates various data and analytics tools like Microsoft Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Power BI into a single unified product, empowering healthcare professionals to unlock the potential of their data to better serve patient needs.


Quisitive is leveraging Microsoft solutions for OWN to securely migrate 35,000 patient files from a legacy database to Fabric, producing new insights about patient health. The migration will increase efficiency and capacity in data analysis for healthcare organizations by utilizing the rich capabilities of Fabric.


OWN will utilize the new healthcare data solutions in Fabric to link previously inaccessible patient data types, including social determinants of health, care plans, patient reported outcomes, and leading indicators of care performance. This strategic utilization will unlock a multitude of benefits, including accelerated insights for more precise and tailored care plans. This in turn will significantly reduce wait times and enhance predictive care capabilities, ultimately revolutionizing predictive care capabilities. Quisitive is pairing its Microsoft technology acumen with deep data and analytics expertise and healthcare industry knowledge in partnership with Microsoft’s engineering teams to deliver the healthcare data solutions in Fabric to OWN with attention to unique industry needs, including data privacy and compliance requirements. Going forward, Quisitive will add Fabric to its offerings for healthcare organizations.


“Quisitive was honored to be selected as a preview partner for the new healthcare data solutions in Microsoft Fabric,” said Quisitive CEO Mike Reinhart. “Our team and experience are well-aligned to connect new, innovative Microsoft technology solutions with healthcare customers for successful implementations. While the data and technology implications of Fabric are momentous, the resulting impacts on patient care, clinician efficacy, and health outcomes set this apart as a truly revolutionary solution. Thank you to Microsoft and the Ontario Workers Network for trusting Quisitive to implement this important advancement in healthcare data and analytics.”


Umesh Rustogi, General Manager, Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare added: “The healthcare data solutions in Microsoft Fabric enable organizations to unify and harmonize the wealth of data that exists within their systems. Using the healthcare data solutions in Microsoft Fabric, Ontario Workers Network is empowered to alleviate clinical administrative burden, decrease wait times, and ultimately improve the quality-of-care delivery to patients in the communities it serves.”


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