Better processes mean more time for human interaction.

Today, healthcare providers know the struggle of managing and maintaining 300 to 450 IT and technology systems. Though seemingly necessary, such excess is more likely to create data silos, unnecessary employee toil, and egregious operating costs.

When enterprise-level health systems and their teams begin to operate with seamless collaboration and efficiency, the benefits are felt at all levels, from administration to providers and patients.

Quisitive, Microsoft’s Healthcare Partner of the Year 2021, has worked on this digital evolution in distinguished healthcare environments globally. 

Explore our Healthcare solutions and MazikCare, our Healthcare Cloud Platform.

MazikCare, Quisitive’s Healthcare Cloud Platform, helps healthcare organizations deliver on the promise of the widely-accepted Quadruple Aim of healthcare systems.

While average lifespans are increasing, chronic conditions account for 7 of 10 deaths and 86% of healthcare spending in the U.S. (CDC, 2018). The healthcare industry needs to move toward managing wellness, rather than managing illness. Many people expect precision medicine to solve this need for individualized treatment and provide groundbreaking insights for preventive care. 

Today, patients expect to be treated with the same customer service, ease of use, and efficiency that they get from commercial interactions. Luckily, providers can leverage many more types of patient data to ensure positive patient experiences and loyalty through personalized digital nudges. Digital tools can also improve disease prevention by supporting patient education, care collaboration, and early diagnosis.

Intervening and diagnosing at early stages allows for the least costly prevention or treatment options. Treating patients as holistic individuals empowers health systems to not only provide better healthcare but also to save on costs of care that impact their bottom line.

Technology-driven approaches such as virtual care, digital care delivery, and remote patient monitoring can equalize accessibility to healthcare and improve quality of care while reducing staff and clinician effort.MazikCare’s predictive risk assessments and alerts enable providers to move from reactive to proactive care planning and patient outreach. Unified data platform approaches can save costs by reducing the number of IT.

With healthcare providers leveraging more and more technologies, data interoperability has become a huge barrier to productivity. Inefficiency in data-sharing leads to slow business processes and wastes the precious time of clinical and support employees by forcing them to switch between systems to complete various parts of their work.

Data interoperability has become a priority as standards like FHIR and HL7 have emerged to facilitate data transfer not only within hospital systems but also across them to other care partners.

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