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Why Nonprofits Are Moving Financial Management to the Cloud
December 8, 2022
Carla Alarcon
Learn some of the benefits of cloud-based nonprofit accounting software and why nonprofit organizations are moving their financial management.

Strengthen Team Connections and Better Manage Projects & Funds with The Cloud 

Times have certainly changed! Not everyone has a desk at a physical office, and many of your nonprofit employees and volunteers may spend most of their time in the field – networking, meeting with members and donors, or working from home. Nonprofits are seizing the opportunity to strengthen connections with their team, stay apprised of important situations, and connect the many working parts of the organization by offering remote access with cloud-based solutions. 

When your board members, employees, and volunteers are working from different locations and at different times, staying current with projects, budgets or grant expenses, and member demands can be challenging. Email, phone calls, and spreadsheets are time-consuming, disjointed, and often inaccurate.

A robust cloud-based accounting solution, like Dynamics 365 or Sage Intacct, can improve communication and collaboration with your team using secure remote access features.

  • Manage both qualified and non-qualified grant spending
  • Monitor grant activities
  • Get real-time insight into your nonprofit operations
  • Keep grant projects on schedule and in compliance with associated budgets
  • Ensure teams can coordinate and communicate anywhere, anytime
  • Analyze and respond to donor or member needs

A new age of cloud-based nonprofit accounting software

Another key aspect of cloud-based non-profit accounting systems like Intacct and Dynamics 365 is the ability to easily budget, forecast, and other powerful financial planning tools to show transparency and fiscal responsibility. Increased data insights can give you confidence when making prudent decisions, creating attainable strategic goals, and using the limited funding you may have available. You can also use the robust reporting tools to show your board of directors, membership base, and the community you serve that you are committed to complying with grant stewardship and other regulatory standards.

Stay in touch with your team from any location and at any time. 

Learn how the cloud can empower your accounting team and why nonprofits are moving financial management to the cloud.

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