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Feature Image for Cloud Managed Services Blog: Two people stand in a server warehouse, monitoring and analyzing activity in the servers for customers

When and Why You Consider Cloud Managed Services

By Bryan Blain | February 5, 2020

Companies are eager to migrate to Azure, but they don’t always consider what’s next. Learn about how and when to leverage cloud managed services to success.

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Feature Image for Security and Compliance in the Cloud Blog, a lock sits on a circuit board

Locking down the cloud: Why security and compliance are sometimes overlooked

By Bryan Blain | January 30, 2020

Security and compliance within the cloud are often overlooked. Learn more about why taking both seriously is essential to your cloud operating success.

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Feature Image for Azure Assessment One year Later Blog, 2 people sit at a desk and review an assessment together

The Azure Assessment: One Year Later

By Weldon Boley | April 18, 2019

Quisitive’s Azure Assessment program has been around for over a year now. Learn more about my experience and our customers’ journey to the cloud.

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Feature Image for 2008 End of Support Blog: Image of a server warehouse

Do You have an Action Plan for SQL 2008 End of Support?

By Quisitive | April 11, 2019

Coming up with your plan to tackle End of Support for your instances of SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 can be difficult. Start planning today.

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Feature Image for Windows 2008 End of Support Know Your Options Blog, Image of a server warehouse

SQL Server and Windows Server 2008 End of Support: Know Your Options

By Quisitive | April 8, 2019

SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 End of Support is rapidly approaching. Develop a plan to protect your environment.

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Feature Image for Purchasing Models for Microsoft cloud services

The Three Microsoft Purchasing Models: Swipe, CSP, or EA

By Quisitive | April 3, 2019

There are three purchasing models for Microsoft cloud services: Swipe, CSP, or EA. Is the model you choose right for your business?

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Feature Image: Hidden Benefits of Azure Cloud Migration. Image: An iceberg that is much larger under the surface of the water than what is visible above the water.

The Hidden Value of Azure Cloud Migration: Part 1 – Innovation

By Tom Williamson | September 12, 2018

Companies considering an Azure cloud migration should become well informed concerning all benefits Azure provides to an organization.

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Feature Image for Migrating Applications to the Cloud Blog

5 Steps to Take Before Migrating Applications to Azure

By Tom Williamson | July 24, 2018

Before migrating existing applications, some housekeeping is in order. Below are 5 steps to take before migrating applications to Azure.

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Feature Image for Azure Traffic Manager for Developers. Image of a developer sitting at a computer with lines of code across the screen

Azure Traffic Manager for Developers

By Tom Williamson | May 18, 2018

Explore these use cases that showcase how Azure Traffic Manager can be used by developers.

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Cloud Migration ROI Feature Image

Cloud Migration ROI: 5 Things to Expect from a Real Cloud Assessment & Plan

By Steven Balusek | May 15, 2018

The cost savings, agility and opportunities for growth and innovation are all clear business drivers for the cloud. Learn more about the cloud migration ROI.

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