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Rapidstart: Budget, Analyze, Monitor, Plan

Experience easy, affordable, and effective budgeting & forecasting with Rapidstart. Designed for small and medium-size businesses to effectively plan and track financial performance.
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Move beyond the chaos and complexity of spreadsheet-based budgeting
Escape the chaos of spreadsheet-based budgeting and make informed decisions regarding cash flows, and cost actuals while centralizing financial planning for better decision-making.

Introducing Rapidstart: the go-to budgeting and planning software for small and medium-sized businesses. Rapidstart reduces administrative tasks and empowers you to take control of your financial success.
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Unlock the benefits of Rapidstart
Take Control of Your Business

Rapidstart gives you complete control of the budgeting process, from rolling forecasts to quickly adjusting plans on the fly. View and analyze results to stay in control always.

Transform Financial Planning & Tracking

Replace your existing spreadsheet system with a centralized, collaborative multidimensional planning solution. Work when and where you want - online, offline, or on mobile.

Low Cost, No Risk

Get a sophisticated budgeting and forecasting solution, self-service reporting, and planning without the need for lengthy, expensive services. With a low annual subscription cost, there is little risk.

Why choose Rapidstart?

Rapidstart offers a low-cost, risk-free, agile, and accurate budgeting and forecasting solution that's customized to your business. Experience intuitive functionality, multiple scenario creator, and configurable settings that support multiple models and calculation methods. Rapidstart grows with your business.

Rapidstart Features
Annual Budgets

Create and manage annual budgets with ease and efficiency.

Speed, Agility & Accurancy

Rapidstart is simple to use and maintain. It requires no modelling or technical skills to maintain and provides intuitive built-in functionality that helps you get started in record time.

Chart of Accounts

Manage up to 300 different accounts for more detailed and effective financial tracking.

Profit & Loss Projection

Get accurate forecasts of your profit and loss to guide your business decisions.

Work Collaboratively to Improve Services

Gather information about service utilization, create incentive programs, and work collaboratively to improve current services and develop new ones.

Cash Flow Projection

Maintain a healthy cash flow with detailed projections based on your financial data.

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