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Reimagining customer support
Customer support has undergone significant transformations in the digital age. Companies must ensure seamless support, instant responses, and efficient problem-solving capabilities. Enter Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, a SaaS chatbot platform integrated into Microsoft Teams.

Power Virtual Agents is an advanced, no-code chatbot solution, bringing together AI, intuitive chat interfaces, and powerful automation. This solution helps you create a modern customer support framework — one that's responsive, automated, and focused on customer satisfaction.

Quisitive can implement Power Virtual Agents, offering an innovative strategy to boost customer support efficiency. Our dedicated workshops assist in driving the change you need to unlock the potential of a highly efficient, automated support system.
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Engaged customers

Create a unified customer support experience that drives engagement. A personalized channel for customers to reach out, interact, and get their issues resolved with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.

Automated and efficient

Power Virtual Agents offer actionable insights and analytics to manage customer requests effectively, foster efficient responses, and promote customer satisfaction.

Self-service capabilities

Empower your customers with self-service capabilities. With Power Virtual Agents, customers can get answers to their queries, access relevant resources, and resolve common issues independently.

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Why Quisitive?

Our Power Virtual Agents workshops are designed to guide you on how this advanced solution can revolutionize your customer support. We assess your specific needs and use cases, and then create an implementation strategy aligned with your business goals and customer service culture.


Our guidance will help you set up an efficient system for customer support automation.

Partner with Microsoft automation experts
Prioritize customer satisfaction and experience
Benefit from a data-driven approach
Revolutionize your customer support with automation
Put your customers first
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