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Comprehensive Cloud Security Assessment

Quisitive’s Comprehensive Cloud Security Assessment is a complete evaluation of your organization’s cloud security posture centered around identity, data, devices, applications and access.
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Safeguard your assets with our comprehensive security offering.

This assessment includes an appraisal of your Microsoft 365 and Azure environments plus endpoint devices, providing a thorough analysis of your entire Microsoft cloud security environment as well as prioritization for next steps.


Additionally, we include educational technical workshops that demonstrate the art of the possible, provide best practices, use cases, and deployment tips, and answer your questions.

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With our Comprehensive Cloud Security Assessment, you'll get...
Comprehensive review of your current security and data compliance status
Security findings briefing including immediate insight on risky activities detected within your environment
Enablement of key Microsoft features and tools to help improve your security posture
Security roadmap on next steps to ensure your environment is kept secure and compliant
Comprehensive Cloud Security Assessment

Our in-depth security assessment is made up of several smaller assessments focused on various technology areas to build a holistic security strategy for your business. The typical timeframe is about 6 weeks.

Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

Microsoft 365 is a great first step toward modern workforce enablement, but compromised data and the leak of sensitive information could negatively affect business processes.

Quisitive security experts inspect your M365 tools and identify security features you may not realize you already own and should be using— providing you a new, meaningful view of your security landscape.

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Azure Security Assessment
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Endpoint Management Workshop
Available As Needed

Other cloud security assessments are offered as needed.


App Cloud Security Assessment

Dynamics Cloud Security Assessment

Data Cloud Security Assessment

On-Premises Security Assessment

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As a top Microsoft Solutions Partner with a designation in Security, we hold specializations in...

Cloud Security
Threat Protection
Identity & Access Management
Information Protection & Governance
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