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Windows Server and SQL Server to Azure Migration

We meet you where you are on your cloud journey. Quisitive experts guide you on your migration to Azure and on how to unlock the benefits of the cloud.
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Simplify your migration from Windows and SQL Servers to Microsoft Azure with Quisitive
Cloud adoption is on the rise as businesses today face market and supply chain disruptions unlike any they’ve faced in the past and turn to the cloud for the scale, flexibility, and security they need to keep up.

Quisitive will assess your current environment, plan your migration, build your Azure infrastructure, migrate your workloads, and optimize your environment.
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Benefits of Migrating to Microsoft Azure
Your ideal cloud infrastructure should earn your trust with resilience, scalability, and cost efficiency. Migrate SQL Servers to Azure SQL or migrate Windows Servers to Azure to realize the benefits of the cloud.
Reduced Costs
Receive up to 478% 3-Year ROI when you migrate from Windows and SQL Servers to Azure.
Accelerate the modernization of your infrastructure and applications with the power of cloud computing on Azure’s scalable and resilient platform.
Hybrid Capabilities
Use a combination of cloud and on-premises services where needed to maximize agility and value.
Take advantage of multi-layered security across physical data centers, infrastructure, and operations, as well as Disaster Recovery.
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