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Quisitive Builds & Designs Azure Data Platform for Healthcare Organization

Quisitive’s On-Ramp to Azure Data Platform for Healthcare Organizations

Feature Image for On-Ramp to Azure Data Platform for Healthcare Organizations

Use Case

Quisitive helps a major managed care company that provides health insurance to individuals through government programs design and build their Azure data and analytics platform.


To meet the new FHIR standards for interoperability, the organization needed to migrate their on-premises operational data stores to the Azure Data & Analytics Platform. They also needed a partner who could execute the technical delivery of 2 features: connect and ingest all data sources and develop the Information Governance Framework & Security Model to meet regulatory standards.

​The healthcare organization chose Quisitive to deliver a data foundation to house their next generation Data Hub because of Quisitive’s deep experience with Microsoft best practices and our signature Infrastructure-as-Code approach. The organization asked Quisitive to help build an environment that leveraged best-in-class tools, specifically including Azure Synapse to harness the power of analytics and limitless compute.


Quisitive’s Infrastructure-as-Code implementation of the Azure Data and Analytics Platform leveraged Azure DevOps and CI/CD pipelines to provide a fully-integrated, reliable, scalable, and easy-to-manage Azure environment.​

The organization’s Data Hub is now powered by Azure Synapse to bring together regulatory compliance, data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics. Quisitive also worked to leverage existing systems and investments and integrate the Data Hub with 3rd party systems to avoid negating the value off these systems during implementation of the new data platform.

Finally, Quisitive’s secure-by-design and zero-trust security model, coupled with the powerful security features inherent to Azure, ensures the organization’s patients’ data stays highly secure.


The creation of the Data Hub allowed for the consolidation of data into a single store for consumption. The healthcare organization’s new architecture enables an onboarding process for data that will improve accuracy of member data, reliability, and performance, all while securing sensitive patient data.  ​


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