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MazikCare Payer Matrix for Medical Device Manufacturers

Streamline claims management and revenue cycle management for improved efficiencies, faster reimbursement, and better insights and decision-making.
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The medical device industry is poised to reach an impressive US$765 billion by 2025. This vast and competitive market offers unparalleled opportunities to grow. But many manufacturers STILL struggle with disjointed systems and processes, leading to costly inefficiencies and millions left on the table.

Addressing your
challenges head-on!

From managing finite product life cycles, disrupted supply chains, cybersecurity risks, and manual claim omissions, at Quisitive, we understand the challenges faced by medical device manufacturers and offer the latest technology innovations and advancements in AI to help you thrive.

MazikCare Payer Matrix integrates lean production principles for optimal ROI and ensures compliance without compromising essential procedures.


Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, MazikCare Payer Matrix is a comprehensive solution that addresses the challenges of revenue cycle management and claims processing and enhances communication, compliance, and the overall experience for all stakeholders involved in the healthcare ecosystem.

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Transform claims management and revenue cycle management for better efficiency, profitability, and customer outcomes.
Holistic Revenue Cycle Management

Address challenges in revenue cycle management and claims processing holistically, and enhance communication among siloed entities.

Efficient Lean Production Integration

Minimize waste and optimize processes for heightened productivity.

Centralized Payer & Contract Management

Level-up your negotiating power and streamline payer and contract administration.

Unified Claim & Denial Management

Facilitate efficient processing, reducing delays and errors for optimized workflow

Real-Time Insights into Utilization & Revenue Cycle

Leverage real-time revenue cycle data for immediate reports and status updates on all your claims.

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Boost collaboration by connecting your Microsoft data and systems.

MazikCare Payer Matrix seamlessly integrates with Microsoft’s Cloud, offering unmatched scalability and accessibility and unmatched collaboration and insights.

Boost Efficiency

Streamlining administrative tasks and reducing manual errors for faster claim processing and reduced overhead costs.

Capture More Revenue

Identify missed revenue opportunities for increased revenue capture and higher profitability.

Get Faster Reimbursement

Accelerate claims processing for quicker reimbursement cycles, improved cash flow, and reduced ARs

Make Better, Faster Decisions

Access real-time data better insights into revenue performance, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

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MazikCare: A new kind of partner

Quisitive MazikCare is a set of healthcare-ready solutions built on the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Enhance end-to-end business operations across the care continuum so healthcare teams can spend more time on what they do best: treating patients.