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MazikCare Copilot 

for Healthcare

Elevate team collaboration and close care gaps.

MazikCare Copilot for Healthcare is a groundbreaking addition to the complete healthcare cloud platform offered by Quisitive and empowers healthcare professionals to leverage AI to transform productivity and patient experiences.
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Augmenting human capacity in healthcare through AI

Physicians and care teams are spending millions of hours a year on unnecessary administrative tasks – driving burnout, and in some cases reduced clinical hours, at a time when millions of patients are struggling with access to healthcare.


Additionally, patient messaging has increased by a staggering 157% since the COVID-19 pandemic, adding to the administrative burdens felt by care providers.


Enter MazikCare Copilot. Backed by Quisitive's status as a three-time Microsoft US Partner of the Year in Healthcare, MazikCare Copilot stands at the forefront of AI innovation in healthcare.


Unlike competitors, MazikCare Copilot leverages Microsoft's Complete Cloud along with pre-built EMR/EHR connectors to expedite AI assistance, ensure security, and scale capacity.

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Focus more on patients – and less on paperwork!

MazikCare is an award-winning healthcare cloud platform

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Reduce administrative tasks by more than 40% and respond to patient messages faster and better with MazikCare Copilot for Healthcare

Experience AI-powered care coordination like never before with MazikCare Copilot. Bridge care gaps, enhance teamwork, reduce burnout and elevate the entire patient journey with our cutting-edge platform.

Task Management

Lean on MazikCare Copilot to route and triage referrals and administrative tasks to reduce burnout, lower risk, and realize new levels of efficiency.  

Appointment Scheduling

Facilitate appointment management without leaving Outlook or Teams for better coordination and reduced no-show rates.

Response Generation & Messaging

Ensure fast and consistent communication with automated responses to any inquiry directly within Teams.

Secure Team Collaboration

Get HIPPA-compliant messaging within Teams to allow care teams to securely share sensitive cases and records.

Virtual Primary Care

Conduct secure virtual consultations and appointments directly within Teams and leverage MazikCare Copilot to guide documentation and follow up.

Clinical Documentation & Forms

Generate completed forms, discharge documents, and letters in seconds, saving hours of work and freeing up staff to focus on what matters most.

Clinical Scribe

Leverage AI in Teams for clinical transcription and appointment summaries.

MazikCare Copilot greets the user at the start of their work day within Microsoft Teams, with suggestions for quick start activities: View urgent referrals, View today's task list, View today's scheduled appointments, View work Order to be delivered today
Seamlessly integrate MazikCare Copilot with your existing systems

Seamlessly integrate MazikCare Copilot with your existing systems, including Mazikcare Care Path, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Power BI and EMR/EHR systems, like Epic® and Cerner®, to unify data and kickstart AI assisted productivity.

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Get real-time connected care with the MazikCare platform

Connect with ease through our patient-centered healthcare solutions that promote collaboration and seamless digital communication between patients, providers, and payers.

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