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Quisitive PowerGov

Better, faster, smarter service to your community.

Empower your citizenry to connect and interact.

Quisitive PowerGov is a community development application for permitting, business licensing, code enforcement, and maintenance management for cities and state/local government. 

The rapid pace of innovation and societal changes are presenting new challenges for cities and state & local governments. Sector leaders are seeking new ways to become more efficient with public money, ensuring security-enhanced data and delivering new services with greater engagement with citizens. 

Formerly MazikCity, Quisitive PowerGov is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a full view of operations and citizen requests. This application will streamline and automate workflows to allow offices to be more efficient and better meet the demands of modern citizens and businesses. 

Contact us to learn how to get started with PowerGov.
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Expert support for your PowerGov deployment.

As a Microsoft Partner of the Year, Quisitive’s team of industry and technology experts understand the unique challenges faced by government organizations. 

PowerGov was created to be deployed quickly, and to leverage the power and security of Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 and PowerApps, for truly integrated and trusted technology enablement. PowerGov comes supported by experts, so you are sure to get the support you need to empower your teams and citizens in a modern world. 

Quisitive is Microsoft's 2022 US Health and Life Sciences Partner of the Year
Microsoft Partner of the Year - Country Partner - Health and Life Sciences 2022