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On-Ramp to Azure Data

We’ve been successfully moving clients like you to the cloud since the inception of Azure. On-Ramp to Azure Data leverages our deep understanding of what works best when it comes to cloud migration. We’ve developed a prescriptive approach with step-by-step guidance, providing organizations the Data & Analytics resources they need.

At Quisitive, we don't consider the move to Azure as a process—we see it as a partnership.

Migrating Data and Analytic workloads to Azure gives organizations the ability to innovate faster with Azure Data Platform. To unlock the potential, it typically takes months to architect, engineer, and deploy their Modern Data and Analytics Platform in Azure. Even with a very prescriptive approach for cloud adoption, many organizations are not equipped to take on the full scope of responsibility required to leverage the all-up capabilities they have acquired as a result of the project.

Quisitive has developed a service delivery approach for helping organizations move large and small data platforms to Azure with a method that removes the barriers that block Azure Data & Analytics adoption.

Using proven cloud adoption methodologies, tools, resources, and best practices, On-Ramp to Azure Data enables customers to simplify and accelerate their move to the cloud, whether its rehosting SQL Servers, refactoring workloads into Azure SQL or other Azure data services, or even designing completely new greenfield environments to use the power of Azure. All this is done working hand-in-hand with Microsoft Cloud Solution Architects and specialized Data Platform migration experts at Quisitive.

On-Ramp to Azure Data Program
• Prescriptive approach to leveraging the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework
• Designed to help insulate the customer from the friction of engineering, building, governing, securing, and operating their Modern Data Platform in Azure.
• Microsoft funds a percentage of the program cost
• Quisitive selected by Microsoft as the National partner to curate and execute this program
• Complimentary managed services and adaptive services during the 30-day program

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Why On-Ramp to Azure Data

Time to Market

Automating life cycle management enables services to be delivered faster. The Life Cycle of Azure Data & Analytics are reduced to days/weeks (instead of months/years).


Automation increases predictability by preventing human error. Automating operational AND service delivery process enables you to better manage services and drive customer satisfaction.

Operational Costs

The processes should also be automatically triggered, which aids in lowering operating costs. This is fundamental for a cloud service and will dramatically decrease human effort.

Cloud Capabilities

Truly enabling and utilizing cloud capabilities (Security, Elasticity, Self-Service, Consumption-based pricing, etc.) can only be accomplished by automation.


We begin every program with a Kickoff Meeting, where we cover the program overview, scope, specific timelines, and deliverables. After that, it’s time to get started.

Step 1.

Planning and Discovery

Day 1

  • Architecture Design Session to identify and inventory assets
  • Infrastructure and networking discovery assessing performance, sizing, cost and functionality

Step 2.


Week 1

  • Our team will build the foundation and facilitate deployment of your Azure Data and Analytics platform with an approach and set of recommendations for your Azure migration.

Step 3.

Platform Adoption

Week 2

  • Azure Platform Workshops & Labs with targeted hands-on training on Azure products and services completed in your Azure subscription
  • Azure Security Foundations – A prescriptive approach for establishing a secure by default platform in Azure
  • Data Science process lifecycle to create an approach and set of recommendations

Step 4.

Use Case Execution

Weeks 3 & 4

  • Establishing defined use cases based on the business objectives and outcomes your organization wants to achieve with source data.
  • Data Acquisition and Modeling to establish a conformed process for onboarding data including complete feature engineering and model training.
  • Deploy data models and pipeline to a production-like environment for final user acceptance.

Step 5.

Quisitive Managed Data Services

Quisitive Managed Data Services continues your data journey in a predictable, monthly subscription model. Through continuous use case execution, MDS provides rapid business value by following the same methodology and approach laid out in the first 30 days. Additionally, your managed data services subscription includes the operational support needed to run, monitor, and manage your services within Azure Data Platform, giving you peace of mind knowing the day-to-day details are taken care of.

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