On-Demand: On-Ramp to Azure Data | Quisitive
A Data and Analytics platform migration is symbolized in this picture of abstract lines, similar to a bar chart, pointing up towards the sky as if rising.
On-Demand: On-Ramp to Azure Data
Explore how to leverage Microsoft Azure in your business with Qusitive's On-Ramp to Azure Webinar. Get free instant access now.
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Watch the recording to hear Quisitive's Director of Solutions Development, Rob Carek, shares our approach to helping organizations move large and small data platforms to Azure.

Key Takeaways

  • How to set up Azure Data Platform in just 30 days using Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework
  • How to migrate your data workloads to Azure with speed and efficiency
  • How to implement security and governance policies and practices to protect data workloads
  • How to leverage Microsoft funding programs to improve your organization’s bottom line