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Massanutten Resort Modernizes Customer Data Management with Quisitive, Azure Cloud
June 11, 2020
Quisitive announces Massanutten Resort has modernized its customer data management with the support of On-Ramp to Azure Data and Analytics.

Quisitive’s On-Ramp to Azure Data and Analytics Program Hastens Cloud Journey

TORONTO – TheNewswire – June 11, 2020 – Quisitive Technology Solutions Inc. (Quisitive or the “Company”) (TSXV:QUIS), a premier Microsoft solutions provider, today announced that Massanutten Resort has modernized its customer data management with the support of the Company’s On-Ramp to Azure Data and Analytics program to simplify and accelerate cloud adoption.

Massanutten Resort, a family-centric destination located in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, wanted to improve the management of its customer experience and reviews data. The company had been using manual, batch processes to monitor customer feedback, but it did not give the organization enough visibility and real-time insights.

Massanutten Resort knew that leveraging the cloud would make financial sense, but they needed a partner to help them make the leap. They chose to work with Quisitive for its cloud migration expertise and its On-Ramp to Azure Data and Analytics program, which provides prescriptive, step-by-step guidance to give organizations the resources they need to migrate and innovate successfully.

For Massanutten, this meant an architecture design session, where the Quisitive team met with stakeholders to discuss scenarios to engineer and build the right platform. This was quickly followed by building the platform and then working on top of the platform alongside the Massanutten IT team to implement their Modern Data and Analytics Platform in Azure.

“Working with a partner with a prescriptive method that’s so well documented reduces our risk when it comes to being able to administer the infrastructure,” said Bryan Hoskins, Database Visualization Lead, at Massanutten. “It was a big organizational on-ramp to being cloud-capable and Quisitive’s On-Ramp program led us through the path to make that change.”

Now with a modern data management platform, the resort uses the data to address immediate customer issues, analyze highlights and lowlights, and make directional changes in real time. This access to real time insights in turn benefits the resort, individual employees seeking accountability, and customers, who are heard and receive responses quickly and efficiently.

While the decision to migrate to an Azure platform was made long before the onset of COVID-19, the team at Massanutten could not be happier about the timing. With the hospitality industry impacted by the global pandemic, having real-time access to customer data will be more important than ever as the resort once again welcomes guests.

“Having asynchronous updating of comments and data points is critical to our resort strategy and has put us on good footing,” said Hoskins. “Our data warehouse on the Azure platform, with infrastructure provided by Quisitive, means that our data is immediately available by power BI to a supervisor, that supervisor’s supervisor, and to the general manager.”

“Massanutten Resort’s experience with our On-Ramp to Azure Data and Analytics program illustrates how quickly our clients can transition to the cloud and begin reaping the benefits,” said Steven Balusek, SVP Client Services, Quisitive. “We look forward to continue working with Massanutten to support their journey to the cloud and turn data into actionable insights that drive business impact.”

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About Massanutten Resort

Massanutten Resort features 6,000 acres of mountain fun at its very best. Unique in both its size, variety of amenities, and outstanding condo and hotel accommodations, Massanutten has secured its spot as one of the premier all-seasons resort destinations on the East Coast.