June 2021 Digital Workplace Roadmap Review | Quisitive
June 2021 Digital Workplace Roadmap Review
June 4, 2021
Explore the most impactful updates with our June 2021 fuse product roadmap review. You can also subscribe to our message center updates.

“Not till June can the grass be said to be waving in the fields. When the frogs dream, and the grass waves, and the buttercups toss their heads, and the heat disposes to bathe in the ponds and streams, then is summer begun.” –Henry David Thoreau

I hope these June changes are the start of a good summer for you all!  We have chosen these updates because we advise our Productivity Solutions customers on Governance and User Adoption.  These are the updates we think are the most impactful for the month of June, but we highly recommend you subscribe to message center updates and regularly review the Message Center in monthly Governance sessions.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint + Yammer

If you’d like to publish Yammer Conversation to SharePoint online, there are some new configuration options rolling out in mid-June to look forward to.  The new functionality includes:

  • New horizontal layout – showcase Yammer conversations from your community, topic or user horizontally, making it easier to see many conversations at once
  • New filter option to show only Questions or All Conversations – showcase recent questions from a community or topic​
  • New configuration option to show or hide the Yammer publisher– curate the content displayed

SharePoint + Teams

Edit a SharePoint page or news post in Microsoft Teams

This roll out will be completed by mid-June.  It will allow users to edit modern SharePoint pages or news posts within Teams.  Users can pin a page or news post to a Teams channel and make edits without leaving Teams.

SharePoint: Page Details Updates

This rollout will begin in June and be complete by July.  These updates will allow users to delete their page, edit the page URL, and copy a link to their page from within the page details panel. Users with permission to author SharePoint pages will now see three new fields in the page details panel.

Microsoft Teams

Update Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows application to avoid service interruption.

Action required by June 28, 2021

If you have Teams Rooms on Windows devices, please update the application to the latest released application version.  For more information about supported versions see Microsoft Teams Rooms app version support – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

On-demand channels post translation in Teams iOS and Android

This feature will begin rolling out in early June and expect to complete rollout mid-July.

End users will now be able to translate channel posts into their preferred language while on their Android and iOS devices.

To translate, press and hold the message and then tap Translate. To return a translated message to the original language, press and hold the message and then tap See original (language).

Set up information is available from Microsoft in this article.

Roll out of this new feature will begin in mid-June and complete in late July. The “Large Gallery” layout for meetings on Teams mobile is getting an upgrade! This layout will become mobile-optimized, letting you swipe through all the participants in a meeting. This is rolling out on the Teams iOS and Android app. This release will improve the experience for users who join Teams mobile meetings by positioning up to 10 participants per page on your screen on both phone and tablets, and allowing you to swipe through all attendees while in a meeting.

Device compatibility: The above mentioned experience will be available for iOS 13+, Android OS 9+ or any version with more than 4GB RAM. Devices below these configurations will continue to see the current experience of lower resolution videos with no swipe through ability.

Lower All Raised Hands

Standard release will start rolling out in early June and complete by mid-June.

GCC will start rolling out in mid-June and complete in mid July.

GCC-High and DOD will start rolling out in mid-July and complete by mid-August

Here is a fix for something that has caused some trouble in meetings! Meeting organizers and presenters can lower all raised hands during a Teams Meeting. Note: Only meeting organizers and presenters can manage raised hands.

When at least one hand is raised, all users in your organization can use this feature. Organizers and presenters can navigate to the participant roster during a meeting,


Post on behalf of capability coming to Yammer

This feature will begin rolling out in lake June and complete by late July.  This new “Post on behalf of another user” feature will allow Yammer users to assign other users in their network as their delegates. All users in the Yammer network will be able to add other users in the same network as their delegate.

This feature will allow any user in the organization to assign a delegate who can post on her or his behalf. A delegate can start new conversations or reply on behalf of the delegator as long as both users have access to the Yammer community where the message is being posted.

Types of delegates:

Delegate manager – can post on behalf of the other user, and add or remove other delegates on behalf of the other user.

Delegate – can post on behalf of the other user, but cannot add or remove other delegates on behalf of the other user.