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Microsoft 365 Security Health Check

Are you using Microsoft 365 for government? Discover gaps in your security strategy, learn about security tools available to you with Microsoft 365, uncover risky activities and create an improvement plan unique to your business and organization.
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What is a Microsoft 365 Security Health Check?

The M365 Security Health Check provides you with guidance on the Microsoft features and tools that help improve your security posture in just a few days.

A security expert inspects your tools, enables security features you may not realize you already own, and identifies those you should be using—providing you with a new, meaningful view of your security landscape.

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A Microsoft 365 Security Health Check delivers...

Enablement of select M365 and EM+S tools


A comprehensive review of your current security status, including any risky activities detected


Security recommendations along with a timeline to help you prioritize actions to be taken


A full report that outlines the findings and relevance in easy to understand language and recommendations

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What are typical findings of a Microsoft 365 Security Health Check?
Compromised accounts
License opportunities
Previously unknown attacks
Impersonated employees
Data exfiltration
Configuration gaps that put the client at risk
Sensitive data being mishandled or shared insecurely
Secure score of below 50 points (out of 800)
“Quisitive helped us simplify our security stack while improving our security posture. They helped us understand the value of the Microsoft tools that we had available and continue to help us improve through our ongoing security coaching. I feel much more prepared to avoid incidents and handle them quickly when they are unavoidable."
Curtis Miller
Director of IT, SEACOR Marine

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