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Spyglass Managed IT Security Services for Healthcare

Whether you are a provider, payor, or healthcare manufacturer, the risks of a data breach are high. To mitigate risks and ensure ongoing HIPPA compliance, you need proactive implementation of robust security solutions and policies.

That's where Spyglass Security Management for Healthcare comes in.
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Introducing: Spyglass Quisitive’s Managed IT Security Services for Healthcare

Did you know that a single data breach costs healthcare organizations $10.93 million on average?

Quisitive Spyglass for Healthcare delivers an all-encompassing view of your security, threats, and vulnerabilities, coupled with on-demand access to expert guidance and support, allowing you to stay up to date with policies and regulations, and continuously improve security processes over time.


With Quisitive Spyglass, organizations gain access to ongoing managed IT security services at a fraction of the cost of building a full in-house security team. This cost-effective solution empowers healthcare entities to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape efficiently, ensuring compliance and preserving their reputation

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Quisitive Spyglass helps prevent billions of dollars lost in cybersecurity and data breach fallout.

What do you get with Spyglass Security Management for Healthcare?

With Spyglass, you get Quisitive’s proven security processes, combined with Microsoft technologies, along with a dedicated IT security Coach and team.

Identity & Access Management

Multi-Factor Authentication


Single Sign On


Risk-Based Access Control


Self-Service Password


Secure Cloud Administrators

Systems Management

Mobile Device Management


Workstation Management


Update Deployment


Endpoint Protection


Unapproved Device Controls


Disk Encryption


Medical Devices

Information Protection

Automatic File Classification & Encryption


Application & Data Containerization


Cloud-based Data Loss Prevention


Encrypted Email


Secure External Data Sharing

Monitoring & Alerting

Automatic File Classification & Encryption


Compromised Account Detection


Compliance and Policy-Driven Alerts


Shadow IT Detection


Utilization Metrics to Drive Success

The Quisitive Difference: Your Partner for Healthcare Security
As Microsoft’s US Partner of the Year in Healthcare for three years in a row and a certified Microsoft Security Partner, Quisitive understands the business impacts of security in healthcare.
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  • We don’t replace your entire security team. Instead, our team
    becomes an extension of your team.
  • Unlike traditional MSSPs, we adapt to your existing environment, processes and procedures.
  • We look at the bigger picture to identify root causes and
    strategic opportunities to reduce security incidents before they happen, rather than reacting after they occur.
  • We work with the tools you already own, so there is no need for additional software and hardware, except to close security gaps.
  • We have teams of healthcare industry experts who understand the urgency and critical nature of patient information.
Get more from your security investment with Quisitive
Spyglass Cloud Security Assessment for Healthcare

Get a comprehensive analysis of your entire Microsoft cloud security infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities and providing actionable recommendations for improvement. This assessment is an effective way to prepare for HITRUST® certification.

Spyglass Managed Detection & Response

We offer Managed Detection and Response (MDR) capabilities as an integrated service to our Spyglass and Azure Management Services solutions. Add MDR to your current subscription for around-the-clock threat monitoring, detection, and rapid response to reduce risk.


Quisitive is Microsoft's Healthcare Partner of the Year 2021-2023

Our managed security services for healthcare support a wide range of Microsoft technologies.

Spyglass works with your existing security investments while providing further opportunities to decrease your security costs by eliminating overlapping and underused technologies

Azure Security
Microsoft Sentinel
Microsoft Entra
Azure Active Directory
Microsoft Defender
Microsoft Intune
Microsoft Security Copilot
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