Episode 24: On the Move Again | Quisitive
Episode 24: On the Move Again
February 16, 2021
Check out Migration Master Richard Dean as he joins The Cloud Whisperers to talk about the current state of tools in the Migration space.

My Cloud Whisperer Podcast co-host Brian Cheatham invited a former co-worker of his Richard Dean who is one of the masters of migration and works for Binary Tree which is part of Quest to talk about the current state of Migrations.  I’ve been migrating since before the cloud, and they are always a big deal. Migrations used to be fairly simple because they happened rarely, if at all, and if you were able to upgrade in place for some systems they didn’t have to happen at all. When they did happen they were coupled with a hardware upgrade and usually R.O.T. analysis as well.  Since they were often green field migrations, how long they took was less of an issue because people were using one system only.  Alas, that isn’t the case anymore.

Richard talks about the changes that have come in the Cloud world where migrations can take much longer, but also tend to happen constantly as opposed to once every few years.  Some of the big news is around the new tools that we have available for admins to keep multiple tenants in sync while long running migrations are underway.  Its not just Free-Busy that needs to be synched after all.

So, check out Episode 24 – On the Move Again and find out what the news is in migration.