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Digital Transformation


“Businesses should embrace digital transformation, not only to survive — but also to thrive.” 

Satya Nadella
CEO, Microsoft

The Concept

Companies are able to leverage the latest technology, rethink their future and disrupt the market because of the tools and capabilities at their fingertips. This technical application is what leads to digital transformation and drives innovation across the organization.

Ten years ago, the barriers for true innovation and transformation were high in terms of time and cost. Now, thanks to the public cloud, the toolsets have expanded, and innovation and transformation are not only reachable, they’re achievable.

Digital innovation and transformation don’t happen overnight. They require a journey to make it meaningful and to get it right. It starts when you truly understand the challenge you’re facing. It also requires the right blend of consulting expertise and the correct application of technology.

The three factors to kickstart your digital innovation journey:

  • Assessment and Planning

    You can’t start a journey until you know where you need to go. We have partnered with Microsoft to provide clients with a funded Microsoft Cloud Accelerator – an assessment service designed to help organizations assess where they are on the maturity scale to move to the Microsoft cloud and evaluate their application environment. The output of this assessment is a custom business case with associated ROI value, a cloud migration plan and future roadmap for your recommended move to Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Dynamics.

    Learn more about our Microsoft Cloud Assessment Accelerator Programs.

  • A cloud adoption framework is critical for defining policies, establishing best practices and standards for how to leverage the cloud for applications, services, virtual machines, for managing change, and for evaluating and potentially abandoning legacy practices. The first phase of our process leverages our On-Ramp methodology to lay a foundation for people, processes and technology by creating a cloud adoption framework for migrating and operating in the cloud.

    Want to learn more about our cloud adoption framework? Check out our On-Ramp to programs.

  • Lifting and shifting legacy practices when migrating to the cloud may mean there’s an inherent lack of governance and enforcement that could result in unnecessary security risks or events. By identifying and auditing existing governance and controls that may or may not be ideal once in the cloud and course-correcting on these processes, you’re saving yourself from these types of issues in the long run.

    Want to learn more about our governance and change management methodology? Check out our On-Ramp programs.

  • Migrate to Microsoft Azure

    Our proven, partnership- based approach to helping customers migrate to Microsoft Azure ensures that we drive ultimate success every time. Our On-Ramp to Azure consists of defined sprints, based on the customer’s priorities, appetites, complexities, and criticalities from both a business and technical perspective.

    Sprints occur within three defined stages:

    • Ideation/Foundation
    • Application Readiness
    • Migration

    Want to learn more about our Azure migration methodology? Check out our On-Ramp to Azure program.

  • We leverage a precise migration planning structure to streamline your migration to Microsoft 365. No matter what platform you are coming from, our On-Ramp to Microsoft 365 provides your organization with certainty when it comes to upfront costs, greater business agility, enhanced organizational communications, boosted employee productivity and streamlined IT operations.

    Once implementation is completed, we provide organizational training on the key features while implementing change-management best practices to ensure strong employee adoption and optimized utilization of the Microsoft 365 platform.

    Want to learn more about our Microsoft 365 migration methodology? Check out our On-Ramp to Microsoft 365 program.

  • We understand that more and more businesses are feeling the pain of disconnected systems and processes. Now is the time to make a change for the better and explore a cloud-driven business management solution that will empower your teams to get work done from anywhere. We can guide you throughout the process with our On-Ramp to Dynamics 365 Business Central methodology, so you can manage your company’s financials, sales, service and operations all with one solution.

    Want to learn more about our Microsoft Dynamics migration methodology? Check out our On-Ramp to Dynamics 365 Business Central program or learn more about our Business Solutions.

  • Cloud Solution Provider Services

    By choosing us as your CSP, you consolidate all of your vendor relationships under us to manage your licensing spend.

    We provide:

    • Overarching management of your cloud subscription, support and project services
    • Platform optimization when it comes to licensing to ensure your spend is optimized
    • Advanced reporting, including a detailed breakdown on your cloud consumption
    • Trusted support from a team that understands your business

    Want to learn more about our CSP services? Visit the Cloud Solutions Partner section on our Microsoft page.

  • Our Managed Services is a subscription service model that enables organizations to operate smoothly in the cloud at a fixed cost, enabling you to focus on more critical priorities and business goals. Our Cloud Managed Services provides the support, system administration and operations, monitoring services, and application maintenance, configurations and upgrades needed to manage your services within Microsoft technologies without the stress. Our Managed Data Services provides the operational support needed to run, monitor, and manage your services within the Azure Data platform, giving you peace of mind knowing that the day-to-day details are taken care of.

    Want to learn more about our Managed Services? Contact us.