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Using Powershell to find a Gateway’s Management Server
October 7, 2011
It's easy with OpsMgr Powershell Commandlets

Have you ever found yourself needing to document an SCOM management group that you didn’t design and build yourself? For smaller management groups it’s relatively simple to find the information you need to identify what MS an agent reports too, etc. For larger Management Groups this can be a tedious task, requiring you to connect remotely to various systems, reading registry, etc. You can make this much easier on yourself by utilizing the OpsMgr Powershell Commandlets.

Here’s a simple yet powerful powershell commandlet that you can use to identify what Management Server or Gateway Server an agent reports into. This is also handy to help identify what MS a Gateway Reports into (for best practice).

Get-GatewayManagementServer | where {$_.Name -like ‘< GW SERVER NAME>’} | Get-PrimaryManagementServer