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The Need for a Good Managed Services Partner
September 30, 2021
Dave Hickman
After years as a managed services partner, we've identified these 4 key advantages of working with an organization like ours. Read more.

Managed services: you can’t go it alone

You’ve heard of managed services and managed services partners, of course, and you’ve probably even heard others make the case for it. It sounds so easy—just offload your IT services and pay a regular fee. But is it really that easy?

Of course not! And that’s why many organizations hesitate to simply give over their IT services to another organization. You’ve learned to live with and control your technology, an overloaded and under-resourced IT team, and high operational costs to keep it all running. But can you accept the risks and potential extra costs by not having it managed and supported full time?

So how can you throw it all aside and sign on with any managed services approach? Is it a matter of doing it all yourself until you simply can’t?

Maybe it isn’t an all-or-nothing approach—you don’t have to lose the advantages you’ve gained to date, but you also don’t have to go it alone. Quisitive has worked for many years as a managed services partner, and these are what we consider the key advantages of working with an organization like ours.

  • Microsoft Premier Support. For businesses that don’t have IT at their core, the top level of Microsoft support is just too expensive. But the value it brings—immediate help and support for the vast offering of Microsoft’s many software products—is immense. Having a partner with this level of Microsoft can be key. Quisitive can leverage the Premier Support on your behalf.
  • Technology Expertise. You can’t expect a small IT team to keep up with the many products and ongoing changes to your complex technology stack. Having a partner that specializes in on-premises and cloud technology is essential to ensure your services are managed effectively.
  • Global team. Having a team located in multiple locations leads to cost savings and coverage that your own team can’t provide.
  • Experience. When you push your infrastructure to the cloud, you need specialized knowledge and experience, not just for maintenance, but to create and set up your environment too. It’s difficult to get that competency with an IT team. You need a partner who’s done it before and can leverage our own Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, as well as Microsoft engineers.

Quisitive has taken on managed services work from a wide range of companies, with a variety of technology profiles. Our technicians are highly experienced with setting up and optimizing environments, executing migrations, and effectively managing services.

With a managed services partner like Quisitive, you can maximize the potential of the cloud, while ensuring your IT personnel are able to concentrate on high-value work.

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